How the universe, the world, and YOU really work!!


About The Book

Have you ever felt like something is not quite right with the world? Do you feel like something is missing and you are still not living the life you are meant to?

In Unity, Liz Watt delves into how the universe, the world and you really work. Whether we realise it or not, there are fundamental laws, phenomena and conditions that impact our reality. Come on a  journey of discovery into the three scales of reality:

  • Part 01 | MEGA The Natural Realm considers how the universe and reality work through universal and natural law, why we are here and why we forgot who we are.
  • Part 02 | MICRO The Human Being provides an understanding of the different aspects of our temporal, relational and ethereal selves and how we function in all forms.
  • Part 03 | MACRO The Unnatural (Human) Realm considers Earth’s co-existing realities and illusions that influence every aspect of our lives.
  • Part 04 | COSMOS The All unites the mega, macro and micro through the process of awakening and ascension and the human condition.

Condense years of questions, research and curiosity into one place. Save yourself the time, pain and energy of trying to put the pieces of reality and objective truth together and start from here.

When you know how the universe, the world and YOU really work…

When you uncover the lies and illusions you have been living under…

When you remember the full power of who and what you are…

…everything changes

If humanity is to wake up and move out of the unconscious slumber we have allowed ourselves to fall into, unity is the only way forward.

Once you decide to open and know the world for what it is, you can never go back to un-know.

The choice is yours…

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About Liz!!

I help navigate awakening and ascension, find purpose and integrate work, life and spirituality faster and easier.  It's time to work smarter, play harder and live on your terms.

I have formal qualifications in design, architecture and business administration. I have over twenty years of experience as an architect, project manager and educator. I have undertaken extensive independent study in the areas of human potential and spirituality.

You're on a unique journey because you're looking for answers and want more from your life. Let me support you through this process so you can transform your current reality and create a life that is truly yours.

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