2020 Take Two?

As Victoria, Australia yet again goes into panic mode over one case of covid-19 I am compelled to comment with a controversial, politically incorrect, and contradictory perspective. So be it. It’s way past time.

Humanity is coming up to one year of this “supposed pandemic” and yet neither governments nor the people seem to have learned anything. As Australia heads into Winter, we have the potential to just repeat the events of 2020 on auto-pilot.

People are trapped in a perpetual cycle of fear and terror over what, for those who have used common sense and observation, is nothing more than bad flu.

Governments act in a state of absolute reaction and spread fear and terror with no overall strategy, logic, or plan to respond to this “viral threat” or their aftermath of what their actions create. Every restriction, lockdown and destruction of human rights create more damage in the wider community as tens of thousands of businesses fail and jobs are lost, mental health declines, relationships explode, friendships are lost and society divides.

The people follow in blind ignorance and misplaced trust that the government and authority care about them. They believe the politicians who have guaranteed multiple-six-figure-incomes with pay-rises do care about the people when they take away jobs, way of life and livelihood. They believe everything the government does is in their best interests, even though no politician has ever asked you what your best interests are. The people continue to hand over their personal power, freedom and choice to political power-tripping psychopaths, who in fact, do not give a shit about you or your family.

If people do not wake up to what is going on in the world and is right in front of our faces, we will collectively self-destruct.

Epic Government Fail

Government is supposed to represent the wishes of the people and ensure their freedoms and rights are upheld.

But they do not.

Did the government present you with a range of information, different expert opinions about this supposed virus and it’s severity, ability to be spread, potential preventative treatments, and precautions? So you could take responsibility for yourself and choose how you want to live? Did they allow all the different experts to state their case to decide on the best way forward – for everyone? Did they ask you, the people who they are supposed to care for and represent what you wanted? Did they ask if you wanted to be locked in your homes, suffocated, separated and made destitute for something no worse than bad flu?

No. They did not.

Instead, they made the decisions for you. They censored the information and the experts who had other ways of approaching the situation. They decided you were unable to think for yourself. Unable to take information and use your brain and common sense to think critically and make the right decisions for you. They did what gave them the greatest power and control, and began to break you, the people, down. They told you that everyone is the same and the best thing for you is to suffocate with a mask, isolate, lock you down, track you and arrest you when you do not comply. When the best thing for your immune system and health is fresh air, sunshine, exercise, freedom, human interaction and social connection.

Empower Yourself With Facts

Before you get all defensive and respond with what a great job the government is doing under such difficult circumstances, we should all be so grateful, and anyone who disagrees is selfish (I’ve heard it all before)… just pause for a moment.

If you refuse to hear why someone has a different opinion to you and thinks the government is doing a terrible job, this “pandemic” is no worse than bad flu and the people should be empowered to choose for themselves, consider why they might even think that. What information might they have that you don’t? Why do they have that information? Why do so many people think the same thing?

Take some time to consider the full perspective that opposes yours and why they believe what they believe. Use YOUR powers of critical thinking, observation, logic and objectivity to drill down and question to find the truth, before you dismiss.

Think about where you are getting your information from, and why you and the government are so quick to not even consider the other side. Shouldn’t those in authority be considering ALL the options to provide the best solution? If your information comes from television, your government, the media and the newspapers then pause for a moment and consider the objectivity of this perspective and what they have to gain by keeping the people small and under control.

Arm yourself with facts and information from all perspectives and start to choose to see the world for what it is, rather than what government, media and authority are telling you it is. Stop giving your personal power away and waiting for other people to make the decisions for you. Start taking responsibility for your life and your choices. Stop blaming those who have empowered themselves with information and critical thinking and are choosing differently to you so they can get on with their life and live, rather than exist in a coma of terror and fear.

How Long?

How long are you going to comply, conform, acquiesce, obey, do nothing, say nothing and give away your life, letting time tick by?

Two weeks to “flatten the curve” and take the pressure off the health system has turned into 12 months. With no strategy other to panic and shut everything down.

How long are you going to wear a mask? Stay locked on your home? Not see your friends and family? Register and track your every movement?

How long are you going to keep your business closed and let your livelihood dissolve? So that you cannot feed, clothe or shelter yourself or your family?

What has to happen for you to say “No more! Enough!”

How much suffering do you have to endure?

How long will YOU choose to live like this?

Why are you choosing to live like this?

Because you’ve done the research and know with absolute certainty and proof there is a killer virus on the loose? Or because the government and media told you to?

Everything is Choice

You are choosing everything.

No-one makes you wear a mask. You choose to put a mask on your face and take away your bodies ability to breath fresh air even though it feels terrible and deep down you think it is not right. You choose.

No-one makes you stay 1.5metres away from friends, family, or other human beings. Or stay locked in your home. You choose to step away, cringe from touch, lock the door and refuse to meet your human need for connection and touch. You choose isolation, disconnection and loneliness. No-one makes you do it. You choose.

No-one makes you sign in with QR codes and tracking apps like a criminal. You choose.

No-one makes you close your business, turn away customers for “not following the rules.” No-one makes you stop working, stay at home and become overwhelmed with Zoom calls, extra work and home-schooling. No-one makes you tolerate it and be grateful you have a job. You choose.

You choose when you comply, conform, acquiesce, obey, do nothing and say nothing.

This way of life will continue as long as you, we, the people, choose to comply, conform, acquiesce, obey, do nothing, say nothing without question, in a state of ignorant fear.

This only stops when you, we, the people, choose it to.

All the power lies with YOU, us, we, the people.

We just have to take our power back and choose.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt