Photo by Michael Milverton on Unsplash

Last Friday was a global strike against climate change. The Friday before that, half the city was disrupted by a demonstration of the Extinction Rebellion.

Things are happening amongst the masses and the general population.

More and more people are waking up to what’s really going on in the world, and trying to do something about it. Standing up, speaking up, despite being criticised and judged as hippies and trouble-makers for disrupting the way things are.

But the way things are is destroying us all – that’s the whole point.

It’s come to a point, where the way things are is not changing, and we are running out of time. And no-one in power is listening, or doing any thing about it. Not fast enough.

How else are the hippies supposed to make their point?

It’s More Than Climate Change

Climate change is just a symptom.

Through the history of planet Earth, there have been multiple phases of massive climate change as a result of ice-ages, asteroids, and other large, supposedly catastrophic events resulting in mass extinctions.

Granted, in the last 100 years, the rate of climate change has massively increased, most likely due to the actions of human beings that puts pollution, toxins and landfill out into the environment every minute of the day, in the name of progress.

Climate change is just one symptom of the irreversible destruction that humans have made to the ecosystem of planet earth.

Earths Eco-System

Without the human race, planet Earth does just fine.

The intricacies of the overriding intelligence that created our planet and the flora, fauna and the life upon it, designs and creates in symbiotic, integrated and unified eco-systems, that support, and nurture one another so that all may flourish.

When nature takes charge, there is birth and growth, and decay and death, in a never-ending cycle of transformation.

When humans take charge there is death and destruction in the name of growth and progress.

We support nothing other than the personal interests of the individual, at the cost of unified life – flora, fauna, ancient eco-systems, and the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of all that dwells on this planet we call home.

Human Extinction

If we continue on the path we are on, there is no real other possibility other than human extinction. And in the next 100 years, if not in our lifetimes.

You only have to look at the projected population growth to see that we are exponentially growing in the number of humans on this planet.

For every human being, more land is taken and natural eco-systems are destroyed to create space for homes and food, and manufacture of all the other stuff that humans have decided they need to live.

It’s simple maths, not rocket science.

Exponential human growth cannot continue on a planet with finite land and resources.

Any human growth cannot continue when the eco-systems and the very essence required to sustain life itself is destroyed.

The tipping point into our own rapid demise, by the making of our own hands, can occur at any time, and yet, most people seem completely unaware.

Wake Up

We have no idea of the intricacies of nature’s design that are required to keep us alive.

The plants that give us oxygen.

The bees that pollinate the flowers across the globe.

The things we’re not even aware of.

It’s the entire eco-system of the world that we should ALL be concerned about.

Not for the future, but for now.

Until humans wake up and realise we are part of a bigger whole, we are creating our own destruction.

It’s every single choice you make about the way you live your life…

The company you work for that practices in a way that adds to the problems, rather than solves them…

The bank that invests in fossil fuels…

The poor quality clothing you buy from a “cool” brand that exploits its workers…

The take-away coffee cup you order every single day, and throw into landfill, when you could bring your own.

That’s a start, but it’s even bigger than that.

In fact, it might even be too late for that.

In order to stop the path we are on, big things have to change.

Humans have to completely change the way we do every thing in life as competitive, individual, separate beings all acting in the name of progress and growth.

We have to remove the systems we have created and bring in something new, in every aspect of our lives, that aligns with the balance and essence of nature.

Before it’s too late. And we’re nearly out of time.

After Humans

Before humans, planet Earth existed, through dinosaurs, and the ice-age, and meteors, and asteroids, and floods, and fire and famine.

The Earth is a strong, and powerful and resilient force.

And as long as there is a seed of life left on her surface, the planet will come back.

Maybe in tens of thousands, and millions of years. Long after humans have been and gone, she will come back to life.

In a symbiotic, integrated and unified eco-system of birth and growth, decay and death, in a transformation that supports the life of all.

Planet earth doesn’t need humans to create the utopia we all desire and dream about.

In fact, she may be well better off without us getting in the way of every thing she does…