Segregated Outcasts

In times of segregation and apartheid, there were two separate areas or zones for two different groups of people. In Australia, we are not segregating members of our society. We are currently OUTCASTING members of our society. This is far, far worse. This is nothing like a democratic society that so many people falsely think we have.

The Australian government has decided that certain hard-working Australians who have contributed taxes to pay politicians wages can no longer participate in society.  They will now no longer be able to hold a job, feed their families, eat in cafes, travel, or access certain government services such as medical or unemployment benefits – that their previous taxes have paid for.

Why? Because these members of society think differently to those that are OUTCASTING them.

These People Want…

These people want to live in a free society. They want you to have that choice too.

These people want the freedom to work, feed their family, eat in cafes, travel and access government benefits paid for by them. They want you to have that choice too.

These people want the choice to be or not to be part of a global medical experiment. They want you to have that choice too.

These People Think…

These people think differently because they are not blindly following government mandates that leech into the very core of how we live our everyday lives.

These people think differently because they see the conflicts, incongruencies, inconsistencies and lack of any data presented by the government or media for the last two years.

These people think differently because they ask questions, get curious, think critically and want to know more.

These people want to take responsibility for themselves, their families, bodies, health, and consequences. They want to empower you with the responsibility of the same.

So what do the government and much of our society do? They OUTCAST them and exclude them from society. Because they think differently.

You Create Society

Those who comply, obey the government’s directions and reinforce this new social structure are OUTCASTING  fellow Australians.

Those who question you on your health status, the whereabouts of your mask, or demand private medical information to enter are OUTCASTING fellow Australians.

Your active and willing participation in this new society assists in OUTCASTING fellow Australians.

This is the society that you are or are not contributing to. It is not the government telling you to do something. It is you, choosing to participate and obey, or not. There is choice in all of this. You have a choice to comply and participate. Or not to comply and be OUTCAST. This is choice, but it is not freedom.

The OUTCASTS are standing for real freedom of choice.

The thing is, who wants to live in a society that OUTCASTS people for different thoughts, different choices and standing for freedom? Is it worth fighting to be welcomed back into that sort of society? Maybe a new society built on freedom, sovereignty, self-responsibility and choice is a far better focus. Maybe the OUTCASTS will cease to ask to be let back into a society that does not value those things. And create something better instead.

Australian society today, as controlled by the government, is not a democratic society. It is not one I want to be a part of or contribute to. If you cannot see this you need to wake up and take a look at what is happening to your fellow Australians. Because if it can happen to them, because of what they think, value and stand for, there is absolutely nothing stopping it from happening to you.

The future we create depends on the actions of every individual today. What sort of society do you want?

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt