An Aligned Business is a business that is totally in line with who you are and what you stand for.

The problem with many businesses is that people jump straight into strategies and systems and tactics, focussed on the outcome of making sales and making money.

There is little or no consideration of whether these systems or strategies or tactics are right for the individual or the business involved.

In the world we live in, there are so many promises off 7-figure-business and instant-profit and get-rich-quick schemes with the click of a buttons – it can be a challenge not to jump at these opportunities.

This Is How A Mis-Aligned Business Is Created

The systems and strategies and tactics become a means to an end, a way of making the money.

The focus moves to the quickest, fastest way to make money, rather than the best way to spend your time, create, and express your self.

  • “When I make the money, then I can have what I want…”
  • “When I make the money, then I can have the business that I really want…”

The point of enjoying your self, and doing what you really, truly want, and having what you really, truly desire, is put out into the future, to a time after the money is made. To a later date.



Money Comes Before Fun

Fro many people, the process of making money seems to come before the possibility of being able to enjoy your self.

For many people, the process of making money is often separate and different to the process of enjoying ones self.

This is very much what our culture has led us to believe is the way to live.

We are told from a very early age that the way to be successful is to go to school so you can go to university, so you can get a job, so you can work really hard, so you can buy a house and save money, so that when you retire you can enjoy your life.

In other words, spend the first 60-70 years of your life chasing money so that you can finally have some fun before you die.

No-where in this are you taught to question who you are, what you stand for and what you really want to do.

It may sound harsh but for many people this is truth – the model of life we are given and the beliefs we are taught have very little focus on enjoyment and fun.

It’s always out in front of you. At the end of your life. After you’ve made the money.

What If You Had The Fun Now?

What if you flipped this approach around.

And, instead of focussing just on making money and security and safety, for your future, which is important, but not necessarily every thing.

What if, instead on focussing on the next business strategy or system or tactic, or magic-get-rich-quick-pill, you started with the things that you enjoy and inspire you.

What if, instead of working for 40 years so that you can do the things you want to do in retirement, you choose to have some fun and do those things now.

That’s the first step to living in alignment and from this, creating a business that aligns with who you are and what you stand for.

The first step to create an aligned business is to…

Know Who You Are

The problem with this is that for most people in the Western world, they have no idea who they are.

From an early age you are bombarded with thoughts and ideas and beliefs about who you should be – from family, friends, teachers, school, government, authority, the work place…

You’re told how you should act, how you should behave, what you should think, what you should say, what you should do what you should like.

As a small child, you are reprimanded when you say or do something that someone else does not like.

The spark, the essence of the real YOU that we see in the energy and excitement of very small children, is quickly smothered within the early years of life.

By the time you go to school, you are being trained to wear a uniform, fall in line, speak when spoken to, recite back what you’re told.

By the time you finish high school, you’ve been trained not to think independently but to instead remember and regurgitate information that has no relevance for the real world.

You Are Trained To Be Every Thing But The Real YOU

The key to alignment then, is to reconnect with who you really are. To reconnect with that pure essence that came into the world and expressed its self as the child that you were.

Uncovering the real YOU means asking the big questions about life – Who are you? Why are we here? What is the meaning of all this?

Uncovering the real YOU means being prepared to order to peel back the layers and expose the YOU that has always been there, but just got covered up along the way – with a tonne of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that never belonged to you any way.

Uncovering the real YOU means letting go of every thing that you have been told is “truth” in order to uncover what is real “truth.”

How To Create An Aligned Business

The key to creating an Aligned Business is not about learning a tonne of business systems and strategies and tactics. It’s not about signing up for another program or mentor or coach.

There are three clear phases of creating an Aligned Business, and it doesn’t start with another business strategy.

It starts with YOU.

Phase1 – Design It

Phase 1 is about designing the life you want.

In order to do that you have to first understand who YOU really are.

Unless you connect to the true, real YOU, any thing you choose to create is clouded by the thoughts, beliefs, ideas and ideals of every one and every thing who has ever influenced you, and what you think you “should” want.

That’s why so many people chase the money and the houses and the cars and the stuff, thinking that when they get them, they’ll be happy. And when they finally do, they’re not.

In order to know what you really, truly desire, you have to clear back all the stuff you’ve been taught to think, and connect with the real YOU.

When you connect with the real YOU, then you can understand the vision that YOU really want, and desire to create and start to align with that.

Phase 2 – Document It

Phase 2 starts to bring in the business strategies.

Once you know who YOU are, what you stand for and what you want to create, you now have parameters to work within. You can now start to choose the business structure and strategies that are going to work for YOU. That align with who YOU really are and what you desire.

Without knowing these things, you’re totally flying blind. You’re guessing. Which is why so many business strategies do not work for so many people. Because so many people have no idea of who they really are, and spend their life guessing and flailing around, randomly trying things out, and hoping that something sticks.

Phase 3 – Do It

When you know WHO you are and what you want, and have some idea of what this looks for you in the form of business, it’s time to do it.

When you know who YOU really are, and what your business looks like, you can start to make choices strategically, and save a whole lot of time and effort, and money and heartache in the process.

Action with a purpose and meaning is going to work so much better for you than random, hit-and-miss action.

Action that is aligned with who YOU really are will take you into a space of flow and creativity and ease.

The process of creating a business through knowing who YOU are and doing the thing that you truly enjoy and that work for YOU is so much easier than trying to chase the money first.

Find You First

If you’re at a stage where you want to make a change in your life, where you want more money, a business of your own, a different career, better relationships, whatever it is…

The key is to take the time to get to know the real YOU first.

Then, you’re creating that business, money. Relationship, whatever, from a space and a focus of being aligned withy YOU.

Any thing else may get you there eventually, but it’s going to be a much longer, harder journey.

It’s totally your choice.

I’ll leave it with you.


Liz Watt

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