Who You Think You Are

In the modern world we live in, the question of “who am I?” is often first answered as a combination of the roles you play and the things you do.

Who am I – could be a sister, a daughter, a father or a brother, defined by the role of the family you were born into.

Who am I – could be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a nurse, based on the work you do and the job you fill.

Who am I – could be a swimmer, a piano player, a sculptor or a cyclist, based on the hobbies you have.

The essence of these things combine together to form your identity – which is how you define who you are and the way you present your self to the world.

But this is not who YOU really are.

Back To Babies

In order to understand who YOU really are, it’s important to go back to the start.

You are born into this world as your true self in the physical body of a baby.

We see and are attracted to the spirit of the true self in small children and babies – they have an energy of pureness, of innocence and magic. It is something that we recognise and connect to, that we cannot fully explain or define, and is not entirely of this world.

As a child grows and starts to express them selves, this true self starts to show as curiosity, exploration, questioning, challenging, testing the world.

The true self starts to push the boundaries, and even challenge the status quo of the world around/

At this point, many of us start to be told “no” and “stop” and “don’t do that.”

When that happens you start to hide who you really are because you are getting told “no” for it.




Hiding The True Self

Many of us have grown up in families and societies with certain ideas and values and ideals about how things should be – how the world is, and how one is supposed to think and act and feel and what you are supposed to want.

As a result of this, the minute your true self starts to express its self in a way that does not align with the world around you. you are shamed into hiding it – by a family and a human society with one particular idea of how things should be.

You are told “no” and “stop” and “don’t do that.”

And you start to show less and less of who YOU really are, so that you don’t get punished for it.

A False Facade

Instead, you start to create a façade of what those around you are telling you that you should be.

You start to create an identity, a mask, or a false self in order to adapt and be accepted into your family and society.

Your identity is what you have created to show up and present to the world in order to be accepted and approved of in your family or society.

This or identity, is based on what you do, the roles you play, how you “should” want, think, act and feel.

This false self, or identity, becomes so convincing, that you forget who YOU really are in place fo this external identity.

Façade Becomes You

As we grow and move through life, we have a major problem differentiating between this external self or identity, and our real self, because we have forgotten who we really are.

We know that there is something not quite right in our life, that there’s something missing – but we don’t know what and we don’t know why, because we’ve forgotten who we are.

We have forgotten and disconnected from that essence that we continue to connect to in small children and babies.

Building Your Life

Because we have forgotten who we are, and have created an identity that is different to our true self, we build our entire life based on this identity, and essentially every thing except who we really are on the inside.

We build our life based on what society tells us we should do, and who society tells us we should be.

We build our life on what our family and friends expect of us.

And so, something is missing from your life, and you have no idea quite what.

You want to be happy and free but you don’t know what will make the real you happy and free.

You want safety and security but you don’t know what will make the real you safe and secure.

You’ve done every thing that your families and society told you you should do to make you happy and free, and sae and secure, but you’re still not happy and free and safe and secure.

What you don’t realise is that you still don’t know what you really want, because you still don’t know who you are in the first place.

So Who Are You?

The concept of every one following their own individual inner guidance system from babies and children and doing their own thing in their own time, and expressing them selves and exploring the world is for some reason, perceived as chaotic and out of control in this society.

To counteract this, families and societies have created their own external guidance systems in the form of rules, ideas, values, laws, to keep the world and things a certain way.

From the day you are born, you are taught these ideas as the truth of the way things are and who you are meant to be. These might include ideas such as:

  • Children should be seen and not heard.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • You have to study hard to get a good job.

You start to design your life in response to these external ideas, and stop listening to your true inner self, and the way that YOU think, act and feel and what YOU really want.

You start to ignore your own inner guidance system, in favour of the external family and society guidance system that every one is following, because that’s what they were taught to do, and they were told that is what you should do.

Adapting The Real You

In order to fit in you must adapt.

Your life turns into the picture of success that your family and society have created for you.

Your life and personality and identity are a result of external programming coming in, not a reflection of who you are on the inside.

On the outside you are the model of society – the perfect student, with the perfect hair, the perfect job, the perfect boyfriend and the perfect friends.

On the inside, you are screaming to be let out – to rip down the façade and to actually be YOU.

Uncover YOU

Who YOU really are is what you really want, think, act and feel.

In order to discover this, you must make a choice to remove the façade and let go of the identity that you and your family and society have sent a life time building.

Many people are scared to do this – scared of letting go of every thing they have created that family, friends and society deem to be a success.

Many people will choose not to reconnect to who they are, and instead to continue on a journey with a constant sense of something missing.

Because there is a consequence to being YOU.

The Consequence Of You

The consequence of letting go of who you show your self to be, and revealing who you truly are is one of loss.

Family, friends, society and things – that no longer align with the real you – will gradually disconnect, and fall away and re-align to something different.

But in the process, this will create space for the real you to emerge, and for what you really want, what you really think, how you really act and what you really feel to emerge in its place.

The question is, are you willing to let go of every thing you created, in order to uncover and discover and connect to who you really are? Or do you choose to stay the same and keep going?

Starting Again

The choice to remember YOU, is a choice to start again.

To strip away every thing that has been built and to start with a blank canvas.

To ask your self – who am I?

To see your self as your first day on earth. Untainted. Unprogrammed.

To ask your self, what YOU want, what YOU think, how YOU act and what YOU feel.

Without all the bells and whistles and ideas and ideals that were never even yours to begin with.

To look at every thing in your life, and truthfully answer…

  • What do I like? What don’t I like?
  • What do I keep? What don’t I keep?
  • Am I a dancer, a swimmer, a musician…even if I’ve never danced or never played?
  • What am I that I have never allowed my self to be before?
  • What do I really, really believe about life? And me? (not the me and the life you’ve created, but the real me that exists beneath)

Be The Child

Remembering who YOU are is about reconnecting to the child that you once were, and the being that still exists within, but just got covered up and hidden away.

Who you really are is not someone you have to become, or create.

YOU are already there. You just have to uncover, reveal and remember YOU.

I’ll leave it with you…


Liz Watt

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