I’m Liz Watt.

Creator. Educator. Truth Seeker. Spiritual Ally.



I’m a content creator, educator, writer, on-and-off painter, ex-architect and project manager,  chai drinker, kitten-cat-mother, spreadsheet and systems lover, yin yogi, truth seeker and spiritual ally.

I’m a lot of different things, and all of them are part of me and my work. I don’t want to have to pick just one, and neither should you!

I want to help you uncover your true purpose, who you are and why you are here – and design and create your work and life around that! I want to make sure you can find the gift you are here to share, because the world needs it more than ever. There’s no more time to waste…

 let’s uncover…

Your Soul Purpose

Stop searching for what’s missing. Uncover who you are and what you are here to do at a soul level and change your life for good.

The Latest Videos

Emotional Triggers Explained | Why People Make You Mad

Emotional Triggers Explained | Why People Make You Mad

People are being triggered by the values, beliefs and ideas of others. People are making each other mad. When emotional triggers are explained we can understand why people make us mad and how to deal with our own responses.

Articles + Blogs



If the Australian election were fair and democratic, it would reveal how many are awake. If not, it would reveal corruption. It was never going to be fair…

coming in June!

I Wrote A Book

“UNITY | How The Universe, The World and YOU Really Work”

It’s a journey of awakening and ascension.

I’m just making the finishing touches. So excited to share this!!

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