2022 In Review

Where are we now, and where are we going? What can you expect for the year ahead? Humanity and our reality have dramatically changed over the last three years and will continue to do so.

What we are experiencing began in full-force in 2020, with multiple events rolling out on a global scale. People responded automatically to the authoritarian pandemic responses of world governments. They complied and obeyed without question in a state of fear – either of a killer virus or the consequence of not obeying. Humanities response has revealed where we are at in collective awakening and awareness and laid the foundations for what is to come.

Some of the big themes I projected for 2022 related to the polarity and contrast of freedom and control, authority and sovereignty, a chaotic collective awakening process and the personal need for detachment from the outside world and external events. Flexibility and resilience were the tools required to navigate. Most of this played out and will continue to do so.

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Lessons From 2022

At the end of the year, some of the most important lessons, at least for me, from 2022 are:

  • You cannot awaken people. They need to do it in their own time.
  • You cannot predict what is coming. Reality energetically responds to our individual and collective responses.
  • You don’t need to fight – you need to stand firm in sovereignty and truth.
  • The only thing you can control is you.

Where Are We Now?

Collectively, as a part of humanity, we are in the middle of a process of awakening and ascension.

For now, we are in a calm, a lull before the next storm and the next onslaught of chaos and control. And humanity is in various states of awakening.

Many have gone back to life as it was. They think it’s over. They think this was about freedom of choice and medical mandates. They think the government heard them and has listened to their response. They are awake to the first level of understanding. They still have quite a way to go.

Then there are those in the freedom and truther communities still speaking up. They have retreated to refresh and regain their energy. They know the bigger picture of globalisation and The Great Reset and are ready to come back when the time comes.

There are the New Age who want to see love and light. Again, they get the potential of what life on earth could be but often bypass the polarity of the shadow and fail to look at the entirety of current reality.

Finally, some try to see all perspectives and search for the whole, objective truth, regardless of what they want it to be.

And, there are those who are still asleep, see no problem and have not even begun.

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, there is always more to come…

The Collective

01 | More Polarity, Chaos And Control

At a collective level, 2023 is going to bring more polarity, chaos and control in the external world.

The external world is going to keep projecting more fear, nonsense and polarity to try to wake people up.

  • Politics – Politically, the government will continue on a global agenda of control and authoritarianism. They will continue to throw out legislation, restrictions, warnings, threats and fear across various areas and social issues.
  • Media and Propaganda – The media will continue to create propaganda that supports the narrative of fear and control and that attempts to censor, cancel and demonise anyone speaking out against it.
  • Social Division – The government will promote more social issues to create distraction and division. Social issues like gender identity, racism, bullying, the environment and climate change will take people’s focus away from the real threat of over-reaching authority and control.
  • Environment – We will be told that humans are the cause of environmental and climate crises that will require the severe restriction of resources, food and movement.
  • Digital Identity – Authority will push for digital identities and passports to restrict and control your everyday activities. Proposals for social credit systems will arise to ensure compliance or cut off resources and rights.
  • Collective Health – We will see a decline in health and an increase in stress.

02 | Systemic Collapse

Most of these things already exist and form the foundations for the future. But the noise, chaos, and nonsense will become more extreme and move us towards systemic collapse.

Why? Because collectively, our destination is awakening and ascension. That is what we are doing. Collectively, humanity is in the process of awakening, ascension and increased awareness. There is no other option. Collectively, we’re still not awake enough yet. We have a way to go.

All the events we are experiencing are shifting to a collapse of the systems as we know them and the opportunity for humanity to collectively create a new reality.

It is hard to tell to what extent the systems will collapse and how long the process will take. That will depend on how fast humanity chooses to see what is happening, awaken, and act and behave differently in ways that no longer uphold these systems.

In many places, we have already seen teachers, healthcare, construction, hospitality and other workers mandated or choosing to leave jobs and industries due to health choices. These are the critical thinkers who stand for sovereignty and freedom of choice. Their departure from work and industries may create difficulty in their lives, leaving these old systems floundering. If everybody had walked away, these aging systems would no longer exist.

2023 will see a further collapse of the traditional, dysfunctional healthcare systems, education, finance, money, and social interaction. They are already disintegrating in many places.

03 | Disclosure And Awakening

As systems collapse and the world becomes more insane and nonsensical, more people will awaken.

People will see more and more of the truth in two ways:

  • The nonsense, lies, gaps, corruption and greed will go to far and expose itself because it doesn’t make any sense.
  • The truth will be disclosed by those who hold public positions or are responsible people of note or influence, such as celebrities, politicians, and journalists, or people like doctors or educators who see what’s happening and can no longer continue to comply. They will reveal evidence and truth.

People will not be able to help but see the truth. And once you see the truth, you cannot unsee it. We are going forward not back.

Humanity is awakening to two things:

  • The truth of who we are as eternal, spiritual beings and our real power.
  • The truth of the reality we are living in is a series of systems that enslave and control.

When more people awaken, our internal energies and desires shift, our actions and behaviours will move, and we will collectively create a more aligned reality.

While people still stay asleep and unaware, the darkness and shadow of the world will continue to be revealed as corruption, manipulation, fear and control. The shadow has always been there, but as it rises to the surface, the light will shine, dissolve, and transmute into something different.

Through us.

That is what we are here to do individually, together.

The Individual

01 | A Split In Experience

There are two polarities of reality that currently co-exist:

  • The shadow and darkness of authoritarianism, control, fear, greed, corruption, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.
  • The light beyond awakening and awareness and the truth of who and what we are and are experiencing.

Depending on where you are, individually, you will either continue to experience the process of further awakening and awareness through the chaos, noise and nonsense of the world. Or, you will move to a place of calm and peace with the ability for growth and creation.

So how do you know what type of a year it will be?

If you are living outside your true self, the external world will keep pushing you to move towards where you need to be. If you are still in a relationship, job, house or place that is misaligned with your soul, your higher self will use the external world to move you out of where you are and closer to where you are here to be. The more you resist and try to fight and control it, the more the external world will push back.

The harder it will be. You will feel like you’re in survival mode.

Whatever form change appears in – a government mandate, family or social rejection for your choices, illness, redundancy, moving out of your home, losing people from your life – it is happening for your highest good, even if you cannot see it yet.

For those who have already experienced and surrendered to some of these big changes, you may have more sense of knowing who you are, what you are here to be doing, where you want to be and who you want to be spending time with. Perhaps have made some significant changes. In this case, 2023 provides the opportunity to build upon foundations and move towards an alternative way of living and being.

Right now, you may sit in either one of these polarities, oscillate between the two polarities, or land somewhere in the middle. This is the place of neutrality and the ability to see, experience and hold both and neither.

This is where you understand you are in the world and experiencing reality, but it is not you.

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02 | Compassion And Empathy

As we continue to progress through life, I see one of the big themes this year as compassion and empathy – two things I constantly work to improve – both for yourself and others.

As the external world gets louder, people will either begin to awaken or continue to respond in fear and still be unable to see what is going on – for whatever reason. There’s multiple.

We’re going to see death and illness and enormous social stress. We’re going to see people know the truth and realise what they’ve done to themselves and their families – either through choosing experimental medical procedures or abusing or out-casting them for their choices. We will see guilt, shame, anger and grief on a personal and social scale.

Things will get worse for many to force them to awaken. Or, they will be the ones to leave.

Things may get worse for us individually.

Either way, more than anything, people will need our compassion, empathy and support, including yourself, as they question reality, the world and why they could not see. They may begin to fight back and seek retribution – often for the events that had to get bad enough to help them awaken eventually. You will need your compassion and empathy as you manage your response to whatever the external world brings up in the best way you can. We’re all just doing the best we can.

From a higher perspective, everything is perfect and divine as it should be. But it is often challenging to maintain from the human perspective.

It’s perfectly okay to feel what you feel, make mistakes and just try to figure this out the best you can.

03 | Continue Internal Work

Those of us who are more aware of the truth than others are here at this time for a reason.

If you’re listening to this, that’s probably you.

More than ever, it’s time to continue doing the internal work. Because it’s the only thing you can control at the end of the day.

The ultimate aim of this game is self-mastery and the ability to maintain internal control and composure amid external chaos.

We cannot make people wake up – many of us have tried. It’s not what we are here to do. Every human is on a journey within this collective experience of awakening and ascension.

All you can do is monitor your response to the external world and events and do what you need to maintain calm, control, sovereignty and strength. All you can do is continue to go inwards, listen to your intuition, follow your inner guidance and do what is right for you right now.

All you can do is the work you need to do to stand up for what you believe and know to be good and right and true. And create the space for others to do the same – when they are ready.

How Do You Prepare?

So how do you prepare for what’s coming? What do you do?

It’s challenging because we don’t know exactly what we’re preparing for.

At a higher level, everything is perfect. Everything will roll out as it needs to be, taking us wherever we’re going. We have trust and faith that whatever we experience, wherever we land, will be exactly what we need and what we came here to experience. All we need to do is show up every day.

However, from a human experience, no one wants to land unprepared in a dystopia.

I am seeing people who understand the spiritual aspect but at a human level are acting from a place of fear of control, scarcity and lack – stocking up supplies and a defence against the outside world. I am seeing those who are focussing on the positive and ignoring the reality of the external world.

For me, as always, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Prepare for short-term events from a practical, common-sense perspective. Do what’s right for you for now. Listen to your intuition and inner voice, and recognise the ego.

But be aware if your actions are coming from common sense or fear.

We are living in a time of change and transformation.

And… you have to keep living your life and moving toward who you are at a soul level and the reality you want to create and experience. Otherwise, how else will we get there? It’s not just going to magically change. And what will there be on the other side of this?

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt