What Is The Great Awakening

Humanity is currently in the middle of The Great Awakening. We see dramatic changes and challenges in society worldwide. These challenges and changes are going to continue. But what if you knew what they were, so you could prepare and deal with them in a way that serves you?

The Great Awakening refers to current phenomena occurring in the world. For generations, humans have lived in a world where we are told we must go to school, get a job, work hard and pay taxes. We have been told the world is the way it is, there is nothing we can do to change it, and we must comply with the rules or be punished. We have been told that government is an authority over us, and we must obey and follow them.

But this is not the case. Events are rapidly unfolding, and information revealed that prompt people to “wake up” and see a reality they have not seen before.

Humanity is going through a process. We start by seeing the world as we have been told it is. But as new information, experience, and observation come to hand, we also begin to see a different perspective. With this comes an awareness of things we had previously seen differently or hidden from us. We start to see a level of corruption, authority and control over humanity and society we had not seen before because we had been in it. We begin to see groups of individuals who see themselves as entitled to make rules and control us. We see the authority that creates rules for the general population but not themselves.

Many still cannot see this perspective. They hold onto what they have been told the world is. They ignore much of what is in front of them. But every day, more and more people are personally experiencing and observing a different reality.

People are waking up to what the world really is and what we really are. This is The Great Awakening.

The Great Awakening is this process of humanity individually and collectively waking up, seeing through the lies and experiencing the world differently.

The problems and challenges arise in the transition process when some of humanity is awake, and others are not.

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01 | Polarity

The first challenge we are experiencing is extreme polarity or duality. Polarity is an essential part of the human experience. We live in a polarised reality where we experience the external world through opposite, contrast, and degrees on a spectrum. Humans use our senses to perceive and understand our external reality.

We must know cold or lack of heat to know heat.

We must know darkness or lack of light to know light.

We must know fear or lack of love to know love.

We must experience these different degrees to understand the full spectrum.

As more people awaken, they shift further along the spectrum of understanding the world from what they knew before. This process creates a larger and larger gap. Those who are yet to awaken stay at one end of the spectrum, and the awakening souls move further and further away. Polarity is expressing itself as black and white, rather than the spectrum of shades of grey. We see the polarity of perspective and understanding play out in society in many ways.

  • Those who support masks, lockdowns and mandates and those who do not
  • Those who live in fear of a killer virus and those who do not
  • Those who support v*ccine passports and segregated society and those who wish to include all
  • Those who think the government cares and blindly follow, and those who are sovereign and think for themselves
  • Those who fight for freedom and choice and those who do not
  • Those who are asleep and those who are awake

Polarity is expressing itself at every level. It is going to get worse before it gets better. Increasing polarity will create division and separation and an opportunity for more awakening. To know the light, we must know the dark. Many will need to see and understand the dark in even more extreme to see the light.

On the one hand, polarity creates conflict and confrontation. On the other hand, polar opposites exist to the same extent. The more polarised and exposed the darkness, the more we can see the light.

02 | Systemic Collapse

The second challenge is the collapse of the systems we know. The collapse will come from people awakening and walking away from these systems and systemic self-destruction.

We are already seeing problems with political systems. People see politicians create mandates that destroy livelihoods, economies, and societies while continuing with an unaffected paycheck. People see the self-interest, hunger for power and control and disinterest in the people they are meant to serve. As people awaken, they lose trust and stop following the government.

In many places, the media is also being exposed. They present a one-sided, distorted narrative rather than objective, investigative journalism and a search for truth. Awakening people are turning off their televisions and looking elsewhere for the truth.

Economic systems are under pressure from lockdowns and restrictions of activity for groups of the population.

Education and health care systems will start to collapse as groups of people are excluded from working or accessing them. They will continue to be supported by those who follow and comply rather than the free-thinkers. They will become even less innovative than what they are.

When society locks out the critical thinkers who question the narrative, what are you left with?

On the one hand, this self-destructive collapse is intended to move towards globalisation and centralised control as pre-determined solutions to these problems. This may be genuinely upsetting and even frightening for those who are asleep. Instability and uncertainty will fuel the fear for many people, who will blindly follow the government. Or wake up.

On the other hand, the systemic collapse allows creating something different and new. You cannot change systems this corrupt from the inside. You cannot ask those who make and uphold them to change. It is not in their interests. We must overcome our fear of the unknown, find focus and keep moving towards that focus every day. Most of all, we must have faith that we can each make a difference and, together, create something new.

03 | Collective Reality

The awakened can see the dark and the light of reality. The unawakened are yet to follow.

The challenge here is that our collective reality is based on the combined choices of humanity. The broader world we live in is a result of the combined actions and behaviours of ALL human beings.

The collective reality is created by the cumulative actions and behaviour of humanity.

When most humans continue to follow the government, media, and control systems blindly, the collective reality will continue to uphold them. When the majority continue to acquiesce, comply, and obey rules, mandates, and directives given to them, the collective reality will be a reality of fear and compliance. When the majority ceases to follow, the dystopian world of control will cease to exist.

The challenge for the awakened will be to continue functioning in a collective reality where humanity chooses fear, suffering, lack, and dystopia. In time, this reality will be a catalyst for many more to awaken. Through their actions, the collective will eventually change. The challenge is to allow it to do so in it’s own time, and understand we cannot control humanity.

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04 | Individual Reality

The only thing we can control through the current world events and The Great Awakening is our personal, internal experience and considered response.

Regardless of what is happening externally, we must choose to respond in a way that aligns with the person we want to be and the world we ultimately desire to live in.

On the outside, it may be frustrating to see friends, family, peers and the unawakened continuing to choose to follow authority and make decisions that ultimately do not serve them. It may be frustrating to show them what they cannot see.

But it is not our job to show them, awaken them or change them. It is our job to lead by example.

We must understand that we are all on our own, individual journey. We are each here to experience this in our way. Ultimately, we are an aspect of Source consciousness, a spiritual being, having a human experience. For some, their experience may be one of suffering and pain, and ultimately to exit this lifetime. Others may awaken, and they need to be shown, supported and welcomed when they do.

The only thing you can control is how you will experience and respond to the collective reality.

The only thing you can control is how you act, behave and contribute to reinforcing the control systems or creating something new.

The challenge for the awakened will be standing sovereign and strong, setting boundaries and holding beliefs against anything that may come at you. The opportunity is what comes after if you do.

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Dealing With The Insanity Of The Great Awakening

Many are focusing only on the positive aspects of The Great Awakening. Others see only the threat of a killer virus and a world. The reality is there are both positives and negatives to this process, and we will experience them both to varying degrees. To the same degree, we must experience the darkness we wish to experience the light.

There is a challenge in opportunity and opportunity in challenge.

How you go forward and face each day is up to you. What you decide to contribute and create will impact the future we all experience. What you decide to stand for and speak out about will impact and help awaken those around you. Staying silent will only exacerbate the collective reality.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt