Two Realities… Co-Existing

There are two big topics being discussed at the moment – The Great Reset and The Great Awakening. On the one hand, the “truther” community talks about The Great Reset and a dystopian physical reality. On the other hand, you have the “spiritual” community talking about The Great Awakening, and this fantastic spiritual utopia humanity is headed towards.

But not many people talk about how these two completely different, opposite and polarised realities can or do co-exist.

Truthers And The Great Reset

In the short version, The Great Reset is an agenda created by a group of central, global organisations. Together, a small group of unelected people at the head of these private organisations propose to “reset” the entire world’s economy.

The Great Reset is an agenda of social and economic world control through strategic systems, people and events.

There is a whole community of “truthers” discussing and exposing the greed, corruption, manipulation, fear, people and events behind The Great Reset – and that has been running and dictating your lives for decades and even centuries…

But at the end of The Great Reset, the world will be depopulated, you will own nothing, these people will own and control everything, and you will be happy.

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Spirituality And The Great Awakening

At the same time as the “truthers,” there is a spiritual community talking about The Great Awakening.

The Great Awakening is becoming aware of the truth of reality and the human condition.

Many people have undergone a personal, spiritual awakening throughout history. But The Great Awakening proposes that many people, perhaps the majority of humanity, will experience an awakening at the same time.

Collectively, vast numbers of humanity will awaken to the truth of reality and spirituality. You will understand the nature of reality and the human condition beyond the physical form and ultimately as a spiritual, energetic form.

The Great Awakening will allow or be prompted by people waking up to the truth of the physical reality they have been living in. You will see the corruption, control, manipulation, fear and authoritarian systems of enslavement.

As a result of The Great Awakening, humanity and the planet Earth will lift its vibration to a higher level.

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Polar Reality

You have these two seemingly opposite and polarised views of the future – an awakened utopia and a controlled dystopia.

You are likely seeing massive conflicts and polarity expose themselves across the world at present.

How can these two different realities co-exist? Which one is the truth?

What if I told you both… and neither?

Let me explain…

As humans, you live in a polar reality. To understand the external world, you must register polarity and opposites.

  • To know and understand darkness, you must know and understand light.
  • To know and understand happiness, you must know and understand sadness or unhappiness.

Everything in physical reality exists on a spectrum between two opposites. Everything on that spectrum is just a degree of the same thing.

Polar Spectrum

As a human, you exist on a spectrum. Your physical human body and reality exist as a low vibration, heavy energy. It is a tangible form you can perceive. At the other end are the intangible and energetic aspects of your soul, higher self and source that the physical exists within or is created by. You are neither, and you are both.

The reality we are experiencing also exists on a spectrum of both physical and energetic. Our human form can perceive tangible, material, and physical objects. But in, around, through and between these physical forms co-exists layers of information and realities our bodies cannot perceive.

The spiritual community acknowledge the energetic and spiritual but often fails to recognise the full truth of the heavy, dense nature of the physical reality we are currently experiencing because it’s not pleasant and can be confronting and uncomfortable.

The truther community focuses on the physical nature and events of reality but often fails to acknowledge the spiritual and energetic heart of reality, the human soul, and the source.

Then there’s a whole heap of people in the middle who aren’t ready to look at either.

The Great Awakening and The Great Reset are just opposite ends or degrees of a spectrum.

The Great Reset IS The Great Awakening…And Vice Versa

What do you think if I told you…

The Great Reset IS The Great Awakening. The Great Awakening IS The Great Reset.

They are the same. They both have to happen, and here’s why…

At one level, humanity and planet earth are headed on a path of awakening. The energetic vibration of Earth and humankind are collectively rising. More and more people are waking up to the truth of what we live in – the corruption of our human-made systems and the enslavement of humanity through debt-based money systems. And… the truth of what we are – spiritual, energetic beings having an experience in a physical, human form.

The reason awakening is happening is The Great Reset.

Bringing Darkness To Light

For years, small amounts of people have been doing a lot of internal work and raising the vibration of themselves, the collective and ultimately, the planet.

It’s almost like Earth has hit a tipping point – where there is an increasing or exponential awakening rate.

The Great Reset and darkness are the shadow of humanity. It has always been there but hidden from sight. But the more The Great Reset is publicly rolled out, the more people are able to awaken as they see first-hand the corruption, fear, manipulation and control on Earth. People are waking up, which creates more awareness and light to shine upon the darkness.

The more people wake up, the more those behind The Great Reset panic and push it out faster, sloppier and more extreme to stop awakening, which forces the darkness in front of people and wakes them up even quicker.

As The Great Reset is rolled out, more people wake up. As more people wake up, The Great Reset speeds up. As the light increases, so does the dark. As the dark increases, so does the light.

For those who cannot or will not awaken and see, things need to get worse for them to awaken and see. They will either choose to awaken, or literally, choose to physical leave and move on.

A lot of those souls have come to Earth at this time with a contract to depart, to not awaken so at to help those that are left see the truth of what is going on and to help them awaken.

The Great Awakening is humanity waking up to polarity and the truth of both darkness and light.

The Great Reset is bringing the shadow and darkness of humanity into the light – so we can see it. It has to happen.

The Future… Two Timelines

At present, humanity is experiencing two different realities and potential futures.

On the one hand, those focused only on the physical and believing what the government and authority tell them are experiencing pandemics, economic collapse, depopulation, climate, environment and other calamities. Out of fear, they may very well choose to follow the path of The Great Reset and engage in the coercive activities that take them into a dystopia of death, control, artificial intelligence, transhumanism and virtual reality.

At the other extreme, those focussed only on the spiritual and ethereal and possibly ignoring the reality of the physical may be experiencing some utopian bubble but fails to consider the overall, bigger picture of reality.

Or, if you’re anything like me, you experience both. Either one at a time, together and to varying extremes. Which makes this current journey a roller coaster.

Neutralising Polarity

The reality is two polar realities are currently co-existing, and you may swing between their extremes – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So what do you do? How do you navigate this process?

The key, right now, is to focus on yourself and your internal responses to whatever happens externally. Because that is the only thing, you can control.

The aim is to wake up to the truth of these two polarities, allow both to co-exist without flip-flopping between both polarities. But it’s totally okay if you do.

The more individuals that can hold this neutral space and stand firm in their sovereignty, independence and light while allowing the dark to exist, the faster humanity and Earth will shift to a place of unity where all are allowed to co-exist, but to a much smaller degree.

Humanity is potentially headed towards a rocky road as these two polarised realities attempt to fight out – for one to win over the other. However, in our physical, polarised reality, both will always co-exist. It’s just a matter of to what degree.

Ultimately individual energy you hold will contribute to our shared reality.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt