Creation Versus Manifestation

You’ve done everything the gurus have told you to manifest your dream life. You’ve made vision boards, journaled, written out your goals, done your positive thinking, repeated your affirmations, visualised, taken action…  It’s still not working, and you have no idea what you’re doing wrong or what you need to do instead.

But what if manifesting is the opposite of what you have been told? What if it’s a lot easier than you think?

Let’s start with some simple definitions…

To create is to bring something into existence by forming an intention with thought and emotion. Creation then uses will, deliberate action and behaviour to transform or transmute energy and bring the desired outcome to life. The human attempts to control the process in the physical realm to achieve the outcome.

To manifest is to reveal something that exists so that it becomes visible, obvious or evident and human senses can perceive it through a conscious or unconscious process. Manifestation uses an understanding of energy to change your internal vibration and attract something in the external, physical realm.

Creation uses the tools of the temporal, physical realm. Manifestation uses the tools of the energetic ethereal realm.

What Manifestation Is NOT

If you’ve been around the spiritual or personal development community for any time you would have been introduced to a plethora of processes to help create your dream life and the reality you want. You may have written out your goals and then used visualisations, positive affirmations and positive thinking.

Creation focuses on the positive and what you want. It asks you to take action and move towards what you want and away from what you do not want.

Sometimes you manage to create what you want, easily and effortlessly. It appears with little effort. Sometimes you manage to keep it, which is great. Other times it disappears, and you’re not sure why.

Sometimes it eludes you for years, and you may even create the exact opposite of what you want. When you focus on your affirmations and visualisations, even more, it gets worse. What the heck is going on?

This is creation, not manifestation. Manifestation is the opposite of this.

Why Positive Focus And “Moving Towards” Do Not Always Work

Positive focus and moving towards what you want is only one half of the process. It is a polarised view and does not consider the opposite aspect and what you do not want. To understand why this is an issue, we need to revisit some fundamental principles about how energy and our physical realm function.

01 | Law of Vibration – Everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. High vibration energy is fast, less dense and appears lighter and more like ether or energy. Low vibration energy is slow, more dense and appears heavier and more like physical matter. Different energetic frequencies or vibrations appear differently in the physical realm. On earth energy slows down to become a physical form that humans can perceive and understand.

02 | Law of Polarity or Duality – Everything is dual, exists in a continuum or spectrum of energy, and has poles or opposite aspects. Along a spectrum, everything is the same in nature but different in degree. Spectrums exist to help humans find meaning and understand the world. Both poles exist to understand something on a range relative to the opposite, or lack of that thing.

We have light to understand the lack of light or dark.

We have hot to understand the lack of hot or cold.

We have positive to understand the lack of positive or negative.

We must consider both ends of the spectrum and everything in between to understand the whole.

What we want and do not want are polarised ends of a spectrum. We cannot just focus on one. We must acknowledge what we do not want AND what we do want to understand the whole.

03 | Law of Attraction | Positive or negative energies attract like energies across physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual and ethereal realms.

Human beings experience a range of thoughts and emotions along a spectrum, all energy. Our internal realm determines the level at which we vibrate and attract into our external world and life. We attract things externally that match our internal vibration.

When we fully experience a thought or emotion, it moves through us and resolves and releases. When we ignore, suppress or repress a thought or emotion, it stays within us, and we hold them as energy in our bodies.

If we hold unresolved thoughts and emotions in our bodies about what we do or do not want, we will continue to attract things of the vibrational energy in the external realm until it is resolved. This is why using positive focus and thinking only we may create some things and not others, and some things are easy to create while others are not.

Manifesting depends on the positive and negative thoughts, emotions and energies we hold in our subconscious about what we want and do not want. We must face both positive and negative thoughts and emotions until they are resolved and released. This raises our vibration, and we can stop attracting the lower vibration of what we do not want.

It is a misconception that we will create the negative when we focus on the negative or unwanted. It is the opposite. When we ignore the negative or unwanted, we suppress it, hold that energy, and attract realities of the same vibration.

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So What Is Manifesting?

Ultimately, manifesting is shifting the internal energetic vibration of your body to a frequency that matches the frequency of what you want to experience externally in your life. You and what you desire will be attracted to one another, and you can finally perceive and experience what was always there.

Every possibility exists in an energetic cloud of consciousness. Humans attract and perceive things, conditions, events, and people in the external realm of the same vibration as their internal realm. As you raise your vibration, you will attract, perceive and experience things, conditions, events and people of the same vibration that will help guide you towards what you want. They were always there. You just weren’t at the right energetic vibration to perceive them and bring them into your awareness and reality. Your job is to pay attention to everything wanted or unwanted and keep following the signs.

Creation is an external focus to transform the external world. Manifestation is an internal focus to transform the self.

How To Manifest

Manifesting is not a passive process. You need to get clear, define what you want, and continue to raise your vibration by working on yourself. You also have to be an active participant in the external realm and help create in the physical, but more consciously,  without trying to force or control an outcome. So, how do you do this?

Here’s a high-level approach to manifesting:

  • Dream – Define what you want and what you want to experience.
  • Visualise – The endpoint and the journey. Don’t just focus on what you want to manifest, but the process and the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Align – Identify and clear the blocks , beliefs and fears that are holding you back. Become aware of what you create and manifest in life that is both wanted and unwanted. The associated subconscious and unconscious emotions and thoughts you hold are creating your reality.
  • Receive –  Believe and know it’s yours. When your conscious and unconscious beliefs are aligned you can live with certainty and knowingness.
  • Take Action – Be an active participant in the process of creation and manifestation. Start to take steps towards your wants and desires and be open to signs along the way that show you where to go and what to do next.

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What Next?

Creation ignores the shadow and what is not wanted and moves away from it. It holds the energy of the unwanted while physically forcing what is wanted into being. Manifestation confronts the unwanted face on and dissolves the energy to naturally move towards the wanted.

Manifesting is not sitting under a tree and meditating on what you want or sitting at home spending your life trying to fix yourself and raise your vibration. Nor is it taking random action and doing stuff to force what you want into being.

Manifesting your ultimate relationship is not a mile-long list of who your partner needs to be and endless Tinder dates trying to find the one. Your ultimate relationship will be attracted and reveal itself when you have done the work on yourself, cleared your unresolved emotions, patterns, and traumas, and carry the energetic vibration of who you need to be to have that relationship.

Manifesting your perfect job is not applying for a hundred vacancies and accepting the first one. It is about defining the ideal position and becoming the person worthy of it. It is about addressing the fear of being unemployed when a job you don’t really want is offered. It is about managing the sense of unworthiness that may arise when you are offered a position that is a higher salary or better conditions than you think you may deserve. Only when you have raised the vibration of your internal realm will you create and maintain the reality you want.

Manifesting is living your life from a place of consciousness and awareness and a commitment to master yourself. This way, you will continue to constantly shift into new energies and new experiences as you evolve.

A commitment to master yourself first makes manifestation a question of when not if. It becomes a done deal. You just have to wait for time and space to catch up.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt