Can’t Find Your Life Purpose? Here’s A Spiritual Perspective

If you’re still trying to find your purpose, it can be really frustrating. You end up stuck, suffering, without clear direction and knowing there must be more. In this episode, I’ll share why we need purpose and how to tell if you’re on or off purpose. I’ll give you 4 different perspectives and some tips and questions to help get you back on track.

Fear, Failing Governments And Self-Responsibility

I did not necessarily want to talk about the C word, Covid, coronavirus, the vax, or your vax status, or mine, politics, politicians, the state of the world or the country, or what stupidity was rolled out by government today. But it is unavoidable. Because everything is connected, so we need to talk about it…

What Is Fear, Why Do You Fear And Why It Is A Good Thing

In the spiritual world, fear is often considered a negative or bad thing. We are taught to be ashamed of fear and to suppress, repress, deny, disown and hide it away. But fear is merely an internal emotion and a tool to help us navigate the world. It helps us perceive, experience and understand our external world, internally. Fear is a good thing, and not to be feared.

Here’s Four Reasons Why Reality Is An Illusion

Human beings share the reality that we all reside together on planet Earth but never stop to question why reality is an illusion. The majority of humans either work hard to earn money to pay the bills. Or we are born into an undeveloped nation where we starve for lack of basic survival resources of food, fresh air, clean water, shelter or clothing.
The world is the way the world is. It is imbalanced, unequal, and you have to work hard to survive or succeed. That is reality. Or is it?

What Are Source, Spirit And Soul?

The terms Source, Spirit and Soul are used a lot in spirituality, often interchangeably. They appear to mean the same thing, but when you get into the detail, they do not. While they are connected and part of a whole, they are different. Find out how.

What Is Spirituality And Awakening?

Many people are starting to question the world and awaken to what is really happening. They are turning to a spiritual path and spiritual practices, whether they realise it or not. Discover what spirituality and awakening are…

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