Call Me Crazy

I have been called all kinds of names to my face and online by strangers and people who I once called friends - psycho, selfish, bitch, crazy. I know I am not the only one - I see it every day…

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In times of segregation and apartheid, there were two, separate areas or zones for two different groups of people. In Australia, we are not segregating members of our society. We are currently OUTCASTING members of our society. This is far, far worse…

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Blog - Covid 19 Scamdemic Take Two?

Covid 19 Scamdemic Take Two? | A Wake Up Message

As Victoria, Australia yet again goes into panic mode over one case of covid-19 I am compelled to comment with a controversial, politically incorrect, and contradictory perspective. So be it. It’s way past time.Humanity is coming up to one year of this “supposed pandemic” and yet neither governments nor the people seem to have learned anything. As Australia heads into Winter, we have the potential to just repeat the events of 2020 on auto-pilot. Will we?

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Blog Image - Find Your Humanity In The Insanity

Find Your Humanity In The Insanity

The current state of the world is causing massive divide amongst communities. There seems to be two main camps. Those who fear a virus and/ or the consequence of defying government directives. And those who fear the power of authoritarian government and the impacts of the current directives on human rights and free choice in a democratic society.

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