Fellow adventurer,

As we currently sit halfway through the month of March, I have been exploring aspects of the miraculous human body.

A somewhat underrated form, when you finally pause to ponder, it is a true miracle. The very fact that an inexplicable lifeforce keeps it alive, functioning, moving, sleeping, breathing is wonderous to contemplate.

This month, I challenge you to consider and nurture…your physical body…

Physical Needs

Your body is the vehicle, the vessel that keeps you going and moving through the world.

All it asks is to be fed, watered, clothed, sheltered, exercised and able to breathe. And maybe sometimes, touched and loved…

In return it continues to live and function and give you the opportunity to adventure and explore the physical, three-dimensional world.

It’s needs are simple, and so, so easy to be met to help you thrive.

You can find out more in this recent article “7 Essential Human Needs That Must Be Met To Thrive.”

Yet, for many of us, we are so busy running around the world, doing and thinking and living in our human form, that we forget the vessel that supports us.

The body is a gift that most of us ignore.

Toxic Treatment

The natural world has everything we need to thrive.

The human-made world has created the most unnatural, foreign and toxic substance, materials and conditions for the human body. The human-made world keeps us away from our natural state, and takes us into illness, unwellness and dis-ease.

Our buildings are full of unnatural, toxic substances, our food and drink are artificial and processed, we work too long and sleep too little, we spend too much time indoors and too little moving in the sun. When our body gets ill, we numb it with drugs rather than attend to the source of its pain. We ignore the things that give it life and joy, because we do.

It is a miracle our bodies allow us to survive, let alone continue functioning at high levels.

Nurture Your Body 3 Ways

This month, I challenge you to take some time to connect to the human body that currently allows you life. Take a few moment out of your busy day to nurture it.

  • Acknowledge your body | Take some time to acknowledge what your body does for you and the opportunity it provides.
  • Listen to your body | Tap into your body and make a list of the things it loves. Consider the sensory experiences of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. What does your body want to sense and perceive? What gives it happiness and joy? Move beyond the physical movement to the experiences of all sensation.
  • Love your body | Give your body something  it loves that you have not given it for a long time. A long sleep in, a massage, a lie in the sun, a walk in nature, a beautiful, healthy meal  with a gorgeous view, a bunch of fragrant flowers, a walk through a gallery with phenomenal art, a yoga class, or just a big, big stretch. And let both you and your body enjoy the experience.

Taking some time out to connect, experience and understand your body and help it to thrive.

The choice is yours.

Yours, Liz…