I waited to see the results of the Australian election with interest.

If it were fair and democratic, it would reveal the percentage of the population awake to what is happening in the world versus those who are asleep.

If it were not fair and democratic, it would further reveal the extent of Australia’s corruption.

There was no way this election would ever be fair and democratic…

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

We have been led to believe that we have two opposing political parties with different, opposing values and ways of life.

To the left, Labor supposedly supports a more socialist agenda, focussing on the good of the whole, which the individual must compromise and support through taxes for government services. To the right, Liberal has traditionally stood for freedom, capitalism, a free market and self-responsibility.

We do not have two parties to choose from. We have two parties that ultimately lead to central, global control. We have two parties to provide us with the illusion of choice.

The last two years have shown both parties impose totalitarian restrictions at a state level. They have destroyed the economy, mental health, freedoms and fabric of our society at many levels. Meanwhile, a supposedly liberal prime minister sat back and let it happen.

Our leaders and career politicians are NOT the most intelligent, innovative, freedom-loving and strong leaders in our country. They are the people who can most easily be manipulated by those who control the global organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

What people are yet to understand is that the political system is corrupt. Ideally, an honest and fair election would show us how awake people are to this fact by their votes. We will not see that and likely have not for many decades.

Globalist Agenda Conspiracy

There is a globalist agenda for central control of all sovereign nations. This is not a conspiracy theory. For the last two years, politicians and authorities have widely used terms such as New World Order and The Great Reset. Google them…

We have seen central control over health protocols for covid around the world followed those of China (a Communist country) and the WHO – without question and consideration for the freedoms and rights of citizens. We still await any medical data that supports masks, mandates, lockdowns and curfews as case numbers now fly out of control without care. Economies and lives are already destroyed.

Both major Australian political parties candidates support giving up Australia’s medical sovereignty to the WHO and foreign control as a non-elected, private organisation. Legislation is in place that allows foreign troops onto Australian soil with no liability or consequence. They can do what they want. Think about the implications of that.

Awakening To Politics

Over time, both parties have incrementally and quietly moved further and further to the left. The loss of freedom in Australia over the last 2 to 3 years has awoken many to the political game of global control. Even though we may have known the agenda, we were apathetic to our local politics. This includes me. Others stay ignorant and apathetic and choose not to see what is happening because it is too hard and disrupts their comfortable way of life.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we reap what we sow.

This shift in political values has allowed those who support freedoms to arise. And they have. Over the last two years, hundreds of thousands of people have marched nationally against the government. The majority would not know this due to the censorship of marches and protests, police enforcement and the threat of punishment for speaking out.

We have seen the numbers of freedom parties rise. We have seen increasing numbers of people educating themselves about the system and vowing never to vote major parties again. These people will remember the events of 2020  onwards.

Unfortunately, many are still asleep. Unfortunately, we have a corrupt government and election system that will never reveal the truth of the Australian people. Unfortunately, corruption will not be overcome in one election.

Moving Forward

If you are paying attention, you have some idea of the restrictions planned to be rolled out globally. It does not matter which Australian political party got into power. The intended outcome is the same. The politicians are just puppets to the global puppeteers.

The Australian people could have voted in some minor freedom parties to shift the balance in a fair and honest election.

In a fair and honest election…

But the war will not be won at the polling booth. The corruption may or may not be revealed over time. It may wake up many more. Many will choose not to see.

We have a long way to go. We are where we are today due to many things being put in place over many years. And most of us choose ignorance because it is easier.

It will not be overcome quickly. Those who still sleep may have to experience even more of the shit-show to awaken to the truth.

Those who are awake will need to be there to support them, and not say I told you so. Hard as it may be.

The war will be won when regardless of the result of a constructed, human-made election, no government or authority has power over you. And you stop giving your power away.

The war will be won when you genuinely understand, know and embody that you are a sovereign being and exist beyond this insane physical realm.

The war will be won when you are ready for anything, even for what is to come.

The war will be won inside…

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt