Planet Earth and every living being are currently on a journey of evolution and growth that is taking us through an evolution of consciousness and awareness. Our understanding of reality and each other is rapidly shifting as a result of this. There are seven levels of density-consciousness that humanity and planet earth are currently moving through. Understanding levels of density-consciousness will help make sense of what you are experiencing and the transformation humanity is collectively going through on Earth.

Humanity exists as part of an infinite sea of energy and possibility. We are each just one aspect of the inexplicable phenomenon we call life or existence. We exist as living beings perceiving and processing information as a way to understand, make sense of and respond to our environment.

There are very different levels of awareness or consciousness that co-exist on planet earth. This is what allows us to understand and relate to the world differently from each other, and to a tree or a rock or a cat or a dog.

To understand exactly what is going on here, consider some key definitions first.

What Is Consciousness?

Let us first consider what exactly consciousness is.

Consciousness is awareness of or perception of something.

Unconsciousness is a state in which the ability to be aware of something is lost.

Source Consciousness is the eternal and infinite field of energy that vibrates and includes nothing and everything that ever is, ever was and ever will be. It is and has awareness and consciousness of everything.

Human consciousness is awareness of existence of our self as an aspect of Source Consciousness within physical reality. It is being alert, awake and able to perceive and recognise patterns in the external environment, conditions, situations and stimuli, as well as internal sensations, emotions and thoughts.

To say a person is conscious means they have a high level of awareness of the objective truth of their reality and internal, external and ethereal worlds. To say a person is unconscious means they have a low level of awareness of the objective truth of their reality,  internal, external and ethereal worlds. They are asleep to reality and objective truth.

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What Is Density Consciousness?

Density refers to how much mass or energy is in an amount of space. The mass is information, and space is the measure of the connectedness of information.

In low-density form, energy is contracted, heavy and closer together and more like matter. In high-level density consciousness, energy is expanded, light and further apart more like energy.

Density consciousness is a concept that identifies the density of energy which defines the level of consciousness of a particular being, form or realm within a dimension.

In low-density consciousness, energy is contracted, heavy and closer together and has a low vibration, frequency and awareness. In high-level density consciousness, energy is expanded, light and further apart and has a high vibration, frequency and awareness. It is important to note the levels of density consciousness have been numbered in reverse. Higher numbers of density consciousness are associated with higher vibrations and frequencies and lower actual density, not higher density.

Each density level has different lessons that relate to the frequency and awareness of that consciousness. Once a lesson is learned, the density consciousness lightens and is pulled by the lighter level above to ascend. This occurs through a desire for and creation of something different and new.

This is called ascension.

Ascension is the act of rising to a higher density consciousness or level of consciousness or awareness. It is a process of expansion as energy moves from dense matter to more less-dense light and energy.

Humanity, human beings and planet Earth are in an ongoing process of ascending through seven levels of density-consciousness. These are all just the expression and experience of Source Consciousness to know itself from different perspectives.

This model is just one way of understanding consciousness and ascension. Do your own research, take what works and keep exploring to find a way of understanding that works for you.

First-Density Consciousness | Physical And Sensation

First-density consciousness is the lowest density consciousness. It is the heaviest and most dense and least like Source Consciousness. It is about Source Consciousness exploring itself in the simplest possible way through pure physical existence. There is an awareness of being, but no self-reflection. It is elemental and expresses itself in the basic physical matter such as rocks, water and wind.

The purpose of the first-density is to experience simple existence and raise a desire for growth, movement and independence. After a few billion years of existing as elements, rock, magma and lava on Earth a desire arose in Source Consciousness for aspects to ascend and shift to the second-density.

Second-Density Consciousness | Heart And Emotion

Second-density consciousness is about growth and movement. It includes all biological or organic matter that can grow, move and explore itself freely such as trees, plants, minerals and animals.

In second-density consciousness, there is an awareness of being and existing, by relating itself to the environment and others and developing a sense of space and time. However, there is no real sense of self and most choices and actions are run automatically by instinct rather than rationale or logic.

In the later stages of this density, a relationship starts to become important but are instinctual and generally operate as a shared group identity with very little individual separation, except for animals.

The purpose of second-density consciousness is to experience growth and movement and raise a desire for independence from the group.

Third-Density Consciousness | Mental And Thought

Third-density consciousness is about self-awareness, free will and choice as an independent and separate being. Beings can make conscious choices and use logic, rationale and critical thinking to create concepts, ideas, meaning and beliefs.

In third-density consciousness, we forget we are part of Source Consciousness and experience ourselves as individual and separate. Polarity, duality and contrast are experienced as ways of understanding separateness and individuality in relation to other things.

The purpose of third-density consciousness is to choose either the polarity of separate from the group or the whole, or enmeshed with and defined by the group or the whole. This conflict creates confusion and suffering until a desire arises for something different, which pulls us into fourth density.

Density 1 sleeps in rock, density 2 dreams in animals, and density 3 awakens in the human. Density 3 is the level of density consciousness that most of humanity currently exists in.

What is currently happening on planet Earth is a shift from third-density to fourth-density consciousness.

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Fourth-Density Consciousness | Relational, Action And Behaviour

Fourth-density has many characteristics of the third-density except beings have chosen to polarise to one of two modes. Either separation and service to self, or service to the whole, the group, common good and service to others. It is the choice of one of these two polarities that move you to fourth-density consciousness.

To serve is to perform duties, actions or behaviours for another that is considered a master, more important or higher authority.

Service to self is to perform duties, actions or behaviours for yourself as a more important or higher authority than others.

Service to others is to perform duties, actions or behaviours for others as a more important or higher authority than the individual self.

Regardless of choice, fourth-density consciousness creates a clear path and the truth of who you are begin to expose itself.

Service to self focuses on what is in the best interests of the individual at the expense of the whole. They are driven by greed, status, fear, and control. Service to others focuses on what is in the best interests of the whole at the expense of the individual. They often come from idealism, love and joy but their efforts can result in sacrifice, burnout and the expense of themselves.

As more and more people choose one path or the other, polarity, division and separation become greater and suffering increases. Either choice is a polarity that creates suffering and cannot be sustained – because it is a polarity, and the opposite aspect is missing. Both polarities must exist in equal proportion and so as one increases so does the other.

The purpose of fourth-density consciousness is to experience one extreme of polarity and raise a desire for less polarity and more balance. We see how we cannot exist with just one polarity and must find a way to have both. This takes us into fifth-density consciousness.

This is the challenge humanity currently faces, as we shift and evolve from third to fourth and fifth-density consciousness.

Fifth-Density Consciousness | Soul And Energy

Once the polarities of service to self and service to others reach the extreme end of the spectrum and humanity has had enough suffering, balance is returned through fifth-density consciousness.

In fifth-density consciousness, we experience the journey to unity and learning how to be both a separate, sovereign and independent being AND part of a group and a whole.

Service to others beings realise they must also give to themselves. Service to self beings realise they must also give to others. The polarity diminishes to a more central place of balance on the spectrum and an understanding that all polarities are required.

The purpose of the fifth-density is to learn separation between self and others or the whole is an illusion and in truth, we are all and both. It raises a desire for the elimination of polarity and unification of separate and the whole.

Sixth-Density Consciousness | Intuition And Higher Self

In sixth-density consciousness, polarity and separation disappear. Sixth-density beings have fully remembered they are both separate and part of the whole of Source Consciousness. They understand what happens to one happens to the whole, and what happens to the whole, happens to one.

At this level of remembrance, consciousness exists to impart levels of understanding and wisdom to those in the lower levels of density-consciousness to help them learn and understand.

The purpose of the sixth-density is to experience without polarity and raise a desire to return to infinite oneness.

Seventh-Density Consciousness | Spiritual And Source Consciousness

Seventh-density consciousness is beyond the illusion of physical reality as we return to our natural energetic form of eternal consciousness. All personal and individual memory, knowledge and experience are returned back and shared with the whole.

Beings at this level do not evolve or grow as they are everything. However, because we are aware of and know we are everything in seventh-density consciousness, this level raises a desire to un-know and experience ourselves differently again. This takes us back to the start of the cycle, but at a different level of awareness.

Eighth-Density Consciousness

Eighth-density is the first density of the next dimension or possibly even universe with brand new laws, levels of awareness and consciousness and potential experiences and opportunities for growth.

What exists here is unknown. However, it could be considered the start of another phase of the ascension of consciousness where Source has the opportunity to un-know and re-know itself again in totally new ways.

Eighth-density consciousness is essentially the first density of the next level of evolution, as we cycle through awakening again, like an eternal upwards spiral of knowing and un-knowing.

So What?

This process of ascension through these levels of consciousness is a natural energetic process beyond human control.

What is important to note is that ascension is upwards. We cannot go back. We cannot un-know what we have individually and collectively become aware of in this lifetime, and in humanity as a whole. Humanity  cannot go back to second and first-density consciousness.

This is an eternal, infinite process that will ultimately evolve.

The current experience of humanity is at the third and fourth-density consciousness of polarity, separation and division and it is moving to an extreme. The motion is underway. The momentum cannot be broken. Energetically, we will continue this path until the pendulum swings to its very extreme. When we are split, separated and think we are far from whole, we at the same time experiencing the very same thing as humanity as a whole.

At this point, when humanity decides enough is enough, the pendulum will pause, halt and slowly return to the centre of balance. And we will individually and collectively evolve.

This process is beyond our control and is well underway. Will it take a year, a decade, a lifetime or ten lifetimes to turn? None of us knows for sure.

The question is, will you ride the wave for what it is and choose to enjoy the ride, or will you fight and resist this inevitable human evolution and exciting time of change.

What comes next is up to you.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt

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