Timelines Decoded

In the realm of human existence, time is both an enigma and a constant companion. We measure our lives in seconds, minutes, and hours, yet the concept of time extends far beyond mere measurement.

Many spiritual traditions posit that time is an illusion, a construct of the human mind that serves as a framework for our experiences in the physical world.

The human experience has you understanding life, reality and existence in the world through the concept of linear time and past, present and future.

But what exactly are timelines, how do they fit into this broader understanding of time, and what does this mean for the creation of your life?

Join me as I break down the mysteries of timelines from a spiritual and temporal perspective.

Linearity – Time As Past, Present, Future

Time is a measured or measured period during which an action, process or condition exists or is continued.

Humans perceive time in linear form like an imaginary line connecting the start point of the existence of an object to the endpoint where that object ceases to exist or dies. It connects two points in time plus the points between them. This is a timeline.

A timeline is a concept of a linear representation of significant events in the order in which they occurred as one version of reality.

The human mind cannot perceive or process everything all at once – we can only take in a certain amount of information at a time.

Time serves as a conceptual framework to help us perceive, understand and experience events and information as a linear process of past, present and future. In this linear form, our physical human brains can interpret data to create understanding and meaning.

Timelines serve as linear narratives used to make sense of your experiences and to contextualize the world around you.

We cannot move freely back and forth along the timeline in our physical form. The past and the future are represented as thoughts, ideas, memories, beliefs or emotions. These realms do not exist in the physical present, but they play a crucial role in shaping our perceptions and interpretations of reality.

The past is…

The past is not merely a collection of events that have already occurred, but rather a collection of experiences and lessons that shape your present reality.

It is the repository of memories, both personal and collective, that inform your understanding of who you are and where you come from.

While the past may seem fixed and unchangeable from a linear standpoint, it is a dynamic force that continues to influence your present moment.

The past exists as memories, ideas, beliefs and perceptions – and those things can be changed, for better or worse.

By exploring and reconciling with your past experiences, you can heal old wounds, release and change  limiting beliefs, and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and empowerment.

The present is…

The present moment is the ever-unfolding now, where past, present, and future converge into a single point of awareness.

It is the point of power where all creative potential resides, offering you the opportunity to shape your reality through conscious intention and action. In the present moment, you are free from the constraints of linear time (past and future), fully immersed in the experience of the now.

By anchoring yourself in the present moment through practices such as mindfulness and present moment awareness, you can align yourself with the flow of the now.

However, it is challenging to maintain this consistently, and I question if this is what we came here to do – it can be seen as an attempt to escape the nature of the reality of the temporal or human self.

For most of us, the subconscious existence of the past and future will likely continue to influence your life. The question is, to what extent are you aware of this and allow it to freely run its path?

The future is…

The future is a realm of infinite potentiality, shaped by the choices, intentions and actions you create in the present moment.

It is not a predetermined destination set in stone, but rather a sea of potential possibilities waiting to be explored and realized.

While the future may seem uncertain and unknowable from a linear perspective, in truth, it is a realm of endless creativity and opportunity. By envisioning and aligning yourself with your highest aspirations and intentions, you can create a future that reflects your deepest desires and highest potentials.

By recognizing the future is not predetermined but shaped by the choices and actions you take in the now, you reclaim your power to create your life. This shifts your mindset from one of passivity to active participation and co-creation.

Eternalism – Time As An Illusion

At a higher, spiritual level, timelines take on a different dimension.

Time is viewed as an illusion.

In this paradigm, all possibilities exist simultaneously, and past, present, and future converge into a single eternal moment.

This concept challenges the linear perception of time that governs our everyday lives, inviting us to consider a reality where time is fluid and non-linear.

This concept, often referred to as “eternalism,” suggests that the past, present, and future are not separate entities but rather interconnected threads woven into the fabric of existence.

The concept of time as an illusion invites you to expand your perception and embrace the boundless nature of existence.

Conflicting Paradigms

Holding this perspective requires you to navigate the conflicting paradigms of time.

On one level, time is experienced as a linear progression, with distinct moments unfolding sequentially. On another level time is perceived as an illusion, a fluid and nonlinear construct that transcends past, present, and future.

To reconcile these conflicting paradigms, you must embrace the paradox of time. You must learn to hold the understanding that while the past and future may exist as energetic constructs within the realm of consciousness, your present actions have the power to shape the trajectory of your human life.

The challenge is to cultivate a sense of presence and mindfulness, anchoring yourself in the eternal now, and, remaining open to the infinite possibilities of the future.

Individual Versus Collective Timelines

In addition to existing within these two different realities of time, you also simultaneously experience multiple temporal timelines.

You experience an overall human timeline created by the collective.

You also experience an individual timeline created by you.

The Collective Timeline

The collective timeline is the overarching narrative of human history, shaped by the collective consciousness and shared experiences of humanity as a whole. It encompasses the cumulative impact of cultural, societal, and historical events, reflecting the changes in human evolution, culture and society over time.

A collective is several persons or things considered as one group.

The collective timeline is the connected series of events and experience shared by humanity in this reality.

As individuals, you are woven into the collective timeline. Your life intersects with the broader events and experience of human history. Your actions, choices, and contribution form a part of the collective timeline and influence the collective reality, past, present and future.

As one individual you cannot control the collective timeline. It is going to be what the collective collectively decides it will be.

The Individual Timeline

The individual timeline is a deeply personal and subjective experience, shaped by the unique journey of you as an individual soul.

It is the story of your life – the sum total of your experiences, choices, actions and relationships – as you navigate your personal life path.

From the human perspective, the collective timeline is influenced by external forces and collective dynamics. To a degree, some of your external individual and life experiences are influenced by the choices of the collective. These are still in the external realm.

The only thing you can control within the collective timeline and reality are your internal experiences and your internal responses to the external, collective realm.

Your individual timeline includes both the external events and conditions you experience in your life, AND your internal response to them.

Your individual timeline is largely shaped by your internal realm – your thoughts, beliefs, desires, and intentions. Regardless of what is happening externally, your internal responses, choices and actions will dictate your individual unfolding path.

Individual Within The Collective…

In 2020 and 2021 we saw large parts of the collective make decisions to blindly follow authority and government directions. From a place of fear, we saw people lock down and close down businesses, lives and livelihoods, because an external authority told them to.

We also saw collective society choose to exclude those who chose differently – because authority told them to.

We saw people forced out of jobs and unable to earn a living because of their medical choices or unable to sit in cafes without proving their medical status.

A majority of the collective chose to experience one timeline, and the rest of society had to fight, follow or find a way to exist within in.

Regardless of what was happening externally, your individual timeline and experience was defined by your individual thoughts, beliefs, and resulting choices, decisions and actions.

There were multiple individual responses to the external collective.

  • Follow – For those in fear of a pandemic, to comply and follow authority and do what they were told.
  • Follow – For those who could see what was happening but were in fear of retribution or consequences of non-compliance, to comply against their better judgement.
  • For those who could see what was happening and refused to comply…
    • Fight – to try to control the collective reality and choices, and change the path, by speaking up, fighting back, trying to awaken the people around you to what was happening.
    • Flight – To try to escape the collective reality and go somewhere else.
    • Flexibility – To accept the collective reality and different perspectives, and learn to exist (and somehow maybe eventually even thrive) within it.

Changing Timelines, Sliding Doors

Multiple timelines exist at every moment but which one you follow depends on your choices in the moment.

It’s like that moment in the movie Sliding Doors, where in one timeline the girl catches a train and the door closes behind her. In the other she misses it as the door closes in front of her.

One timeline unfolds to show her arrive home early, catch her partner in an affair and make a series of choices to change her life. The other timeline unfolds in parallel to show her continue on in a relationship oblivious to the lie.

Your current projected timeline path is based on the current frequency and vibrations you hold. Your current internal perceptions, emotions, and related thoughts and  beliefs will impact your choices and decisions and resulting actions and behaviours. And ultimately your reality and timeline.

Changing your internal vibration, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions will change your choices, decisions, actions and behaviours. And ultimately your timeline and reality.

All timeline realities simultaneously exist in the spiritual realm of possibilities. Which one you individually choose to experience depends on you.

Moving Forward

You can say time is an illusion. Yes, from one perspective this is true.

But in your human form, you exist in a linear time-based reality with past, present, future.

You don’t just live as a human in the now, and you don’t just exist as an infinite spiritual being.

And, you live as a human in the now and as an infinite spiritual being.

The recognition of your dual existence within both the collective and individual timelines carries profound implications for your understanding of self, identity, and purpose.

At a practical level, this understanding empowers you to navigate the complexities of life with greater clarity, compassion, and intentionality.

By honoring the reality of the collective and the sovereignty of the individual, you can strike a delicate balance between aligning your actions with the highest good of yourself and all beings.

This awareness invites you to cultivate a deeper responsibility for the impact of your choices and actions on both personal and collective timelines.

The recognition of your dual existence within both the collective and individual timelines invites you to embrace the timeless essence of your spiritual self and your human form. It is a reminder that, beneath the surface of temporal reality, lies a deeper truth – the eternal now, where past, present, and future converge in a sea of infinite possibility.

At the end of the day…

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt