Laws And Rights

We live in a reality driven by laws, rules and regulations that tell us what we can do, think or say. These laws are impacting and affecting the way you live your life and the choices and decisions you make on a daily basis. Chances are, there may be different types of laws that nobody told you about and you may not even be aware of.

If your whole life is being guided by these laws, then you might want to know what they are. Let’s start with some basics…

Law is an existing condition which is binding, immutable, fixed and cannot be changed.

Rights are an entitlement to something.

Inalienable rights are rights that cannot be taken away from you.

In our current reality laws exist as a characteristic or condition of the reality on Earth that we all live in. These laws or reality create certain rights or entitlements that humans have as a result of coming into experience this reality.

There are three types of law that function together to create our reality and impact our experience here on planet Earth:

  • Universal law – Determines physical reality through characteristics and workings of the natural world.
  • Natural law – Determines natural human morals, rights, values and responsibilities through natural human actions and behaviour.
  • Human (or legal) law – Determines actual human morals, rights, values and responsibilities through human-made systems and regulations.

These different types of laws work together to determine how reality works, how you are meant to live your life and how your life is instead controlled.

Let’s work through these one at a time.

Universal Law

Universal law is the non-man-made and immutable conditions that determine how reality and consequence operates within the universal realm humans exist in.

Universal laws exist in the natural world and are identified by observing the natural world. They continue to exist and operate regardless of whether human beings exist, believe them to be true or want them to be true. Universal law is a whole area of study that humans have engaged in for thousands of years by observing the way reality works and responds.

All universal laws are based on the premise that everything is energy and describe ways in which energy operates to create reality. There are twelve fundamental universal laws which all work simultaneously and together to govern the way our reality functions. These include the laws of oneness, vibration, action, correspondence, cause and effect, compensation, attraction, perpetual transmutation of energy, relativity, polarity or duality,  and gender. These can each be delved into in a lot more detail elsewhere.

Natural Law + Natural Rights

Natural is inherent in nature, truth and reality. It is not made or caused by humans.

Natural law is a theory that relates to morality and what is right or wrong or good or bad. It follows that human beings have certain rights, morals, values, and responsibilities that are inherent and natural in humans and therefore binding.

It is based on observation of human nature in participation in reality and the result or consequence of universal laws. It provides an explanation for human existence in the world and helps guide us to live a good and happy life aligned with our natural instincts. Natural law is universal law because it affects every human being, whether they are aware of natural law or not.

Natural rights are therefore endowed at birth to every human as an independent and sovereign being and support their ultimate right to live a good and happy life without interference with or from others. They include such things as the right to health, life, safety, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and choice, privacy, awareness and consciousness. Natural rights are inalienable rights that cannot be taken away from you. Natural rights are not granted by an authority or the government and exist despite the government.

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Human Law (or Legal Law) + Legal Rights

Human law or legal law is a rule of conduct or procedure created by humans that exists through custom, agreement, or authority.

Human law in theory or ideally exists to uphold natural law and protect natural rights. The government was created by society to create and implement human or legal law and the legal system as a tool to do this.

The legal or law system can be broken down into dozens of type of law based on the human-made systems that have been created to control our lives. The main areas of law include common law, contract law, criminal law, tort law, administrative law, industrial law and constitutional law.

Human laws are human-made and exist because some human beings say they exist and because other human beings comply, acquiesce and conform through their behaviour and actions. Technically, human laws are not laws as they are not binding, immutable and they can be changed. Many human laws are in total opposition to the concepts of natural law.

Legal rights are rights granted to people by the government under human-made systems and human law.

While some laws and associated rights are common sense and exist to help society function, many natural rights are reduced by human laws. Road rules and speed limits are common sense and exist to keep members of society safe, and most people are happy with road rules as a concept as the actions of speeding or running a red light puts other people in danger and affects their right to live without being imposed upon.

However, the modern world has become so over-regulated with no reference to natural law and no logical reason for doing so other than human and social control. Human laws now impose on the free will of the population and our ability to make free choices and decisions about how we want to live in every area of life.

We are told where we can and cannot walk our dogs, park our cars or plant a tree when these actions and behaviours rarely affect another person. In more recent times we are being told when we can and cannot leave our homes, open our business and make a living and are being threatened that we must undertake certain medical procedures to maintain some of the rights so generously granted by governments –  or be fined or imprisoned. The very institution who are supposed to be working for the people to uphold natural law and natural rights, are destroying them through manipulation, fear and control.

If humans stopped complying with human laws they would cease to exist in the collective reality and experience of the world. They would only exist as an imagined idea in the minds of some individuals or on a piece of paper. Our natural rights, personal power, free will and choice would be returned to each individual. Authority just does not want you to know this.

Hierarchy Of Law

There is a clear hierarchy of law that operates on planet Earth. Universal law governs natural law which governs human law.

Universal law determines the way reality operates. Natural law determines the way humans naturally behave as a result of participation in universal law. Human law attempts to systemize and regulate human behaviour under natural law.

Regardless of the actions and behaviours each person chooses to engage in, everyone is operating under natural law and universal law and bear the consequences of this. When individuals, authorities or government create and enforce human law that takes away rights and restricts others from executing free will and choice in how to live their life they are subject to overarching effects and consequences beyond their control. When individuals comply and conform to human law that does not align with natural and universal law, even under the belief they have to, they too are still at the mercy of the consequences and effects.

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So What?

The degree to which universal, natural and human laws are understood, considered and adhered to, determine the degree to which human beings believe or know they have rights.

When you empower yourself with knowledge and information about universal law and how reality works you can start to create a reality of your choice.

When you empower yourself with knowledge and information about natural law and natural rights you can start to choose how to live.

When you empower yourself with knowledge and information about human law and legal rights you can start to set boundaries against the impositions that prevent you from living independent and free under natural law.

Or, you can move on without further investigation and continue to live at the mercy of authority, government and control.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt