What on Earth?

Humanity is currently experiencing huge upheaval and transformation. For the first time in human history, every single person is experiencing what is happening in the world, but from an individual and unique perspective and experience. We are all going to experience it, and we are all going to either get through it one way or another… or not.

To start to understand what is happening in the world and what is yet to come, and begin to navigate it, you need to consider it from four perspectives:

  • Individual human beings;
  • Collective humanity and the human species;
  • Source, Consciousness, God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call that infinite energy that is life itself. I’ll call it Source; and
  • Your higher self.

As always, this is just one perspective, so take what makes sense to you, leave the rest, and keep on asking questions.

Let’s dive in…

Perspective 01 | The Individual Human

As a human being, you will most likely be aware of the events in 2020 and 2021 related to a pandemic that put much of the world into lockdowns, curfews, mandates and restrictions. If you’re not, I’m not quite sure what to tell you.

The individual that is experiencing this is you, your soul, sheltered by your physical human form with thoughts and emotions helping you interpret the external world.

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Individual human beings will see the current events unfolding in two different ways.

One perspective sees actions and restrictions taken by the government as being in the best interests of the common good, and keeping everyone safe. They look to the government to make decisions for them and tell them what to do.

The polar opposite perspective sees these steps as tyrannical and over-reaching and removing freedoms, liberty, self-responsibility and free choice of the individual. They look to the government to provide information so they can make their own decisions.

Currently, every human being will hold one of these polarised perspectives.  Or maybe somewhere in between.

As an individual, your life may not have changed much. You may still be in your home, working remotely and jumping on zoom in your pyjamas and sipping a latte. Sure, there might be some changes to the overall way of life, but financially you’re ok. You might think the government is in control in a good way and looking after you, allowing you to continue living as freely as they say you can.

On the flip-side, the government restrictions may prevent you from working, earning an income, paying your rent or mortgage, opening your business and feeding your family. You may see yourself, your friends or your family suffering mental and other health issues or financial hardship. Your children may be deprived of an education and developing their social skills by being locked at home. You might think your basic rights and freedoms are being taken away by over-reaching, and tyrannical government control.

At an individual human level, we each perceive the current reality in terms of its ability to meet our basic needs starting with financial income, food, shelter and clothing. After this, we can create and maintain a higher level of quality of life.

The thing is, just because it’s not happening directly to you, does not mean it is not happening.

Every individual soul in human form is experiencing the same global collective external reality from a unique internal perspective.

Every individual soul in human form is trying to understand and navigate the current reality the best they can.

Every individual soul in human form sits and moves somewhere on the spectrum from pain and suffering to ease, pleasure and flow.

Perspective 02 | The Collective Human Species

Collectively, two threats are currently being perceived by collective groups within the human species.

The first, short-term threat is that of a potential virus. The emotional response to this threat is fear of death. The consequence of this virus as presented by the government is possible illness or death. The physical response by the government includes lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, curfews and punishments for those who do not comply.

The second, long-term, and more important threat is the unreasonable and disproportionate response and increasing control of governments around the world.

While supposedly addressing one problem, government responses are creating innumerable other problems, that collectively outweigh the original and are currently being ignored.

Humanity will collectively experience the consequences and results of government responses and actions for many years to come at global, national, state and local community levels.

Humanity will collectively experience the social consequences of a generation of children locked out of school and socially stunted through their formative years. Society will collectively experience mental health, depression, loss of jobs, closure of businesses, loss of products, goods and services and a drop in the economy due to unemployment.

These are the future consequences of government actions today – and there is no escaping this.

If you believe the government is looking after you with their control, there will be a time where you are negatively affected. Your compliance now will mean that moving forward you will be expected to comply with everything that is asked of you, for the good of the whole.

At some point, you will be told to comply with something you do not want to do and sacrifice your values, beliefs and morals for the good of the whole. Your life will be negatively affected and you will start to understand why those who protest against the government now are doing so. This will be the time for you to stand up and speak out and be welcomed by them.

If you believe government power is out of control and needs to be stopped, there will be a time when your demand for independence, self-responsibility and self-sufficiency will be challenged even more than it is today. Your resilience, courage and determination to continue and stand strong will resound. Your strength to stand up, speak out and expose the truth will be rewarded.

Collectively, humanity will bear the consequences of individual members of society that lay down and comply with government control or stand up for independence, sovereignty and the freedom of all.

The choice is yours…

Perspective 03 | Source Consciousness

What we are seeing individually and collectively, are two sides of a whole.

What is happening on planet Earth is a battle between the polarities of dark and light, good and bad, and between The Great Awakening and the Great Reset.

It is the natural evolution of planet Earth, humanity and Source Consciousness.

On the one hand, if you can see the unravelling consequences of what is and will happen to the lives and livelihood of individuals and collective society, it is horrifying and devasting beyond belief.

From another perspective, at a higher level, what is unravelling in the world is beautiful beyond belief.

The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. It is a well-documented plan that proposes a central, global government with total human control. This is being rolled out across the world under the guise of a global pandemic, keeping you safe, and the common good. With each incremental step of increasing government control, more and more corruption is being exposed, and, more and more people are waking up to the truth of this agenda.

The Great Awakening is the process of people waking up to the truth of reality. This awakening is a natural evolution in the awareness and consciousness of humanity. For people to awaken, they have to be exposed to the underlying shadow and darkness of the world to see the truth of what it is.

The only way humanity can move towards the light is to expose the darkness, and shine the light upon it. With each aspect of darkness that is revealed, the light shines brighter.

That is why this process is both the polarities of dark and evil and light and beautiful at the same time. Source created a polarised world and for us to know one polarity we must know the other.

We must know cold or lack of heat to know heat.

We must know darkness or lack of light to know light.

We must know bad or lack of good to know good.

As the light continues to be shone on the shadow of the truth of our current reality on Earth, humanity will continue to awaken.

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The very actions of The Great Reset and government control will destroy the fabric of the human-made systems that never really worked for us anyway. We are already seeing great changes and the beginning of systems crumbling across the globe in politics, government, education, legal and justice, health, finance, economics, media and entertainment.

The very actions of the Great Reset will cause The Great Awakening. It will be it is own downfall.

Source has designed planet Earth and humanity to grow, evolve and expand. We can only go forward, into the light. We can never go back.

Social transformation is not a bad thing. It is necessary for growth and evolution.

This is the plan, and we are all here to play an essential part, whether you can see it yet or not.

Perspective 04 | Your Higher Self

You are here on planet Earth at this time for a specific reason. Your higher self, the aspect of Source that created you, decided you would be born into the family and the life it chose, for a purpose and a reason.

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The soul is an aspect of Source Consciousness that your higher self sent here to Earth and manifested into the human form you know as you.

The soul is here to experience physical form on planet Earth at this time, for a reason.

The soul was chosen for this, to learn lessons, raise its awareness, evolve and grow.

From the perspective of the higher self, this may be an exciting time for you, humanity and planet Earth. This is everything your life has been leading to.

From the perspective of the higher self, a shift in awareness to see the darkness is what will cause you to find your purpose for being here and shine your light on the darkness in your very own way. In doing so you will help the rest of humanity awaken.

For some, their work will be done, their lessons learned for this lifetime, and it will be time to leave. Their departure, in whatever form, will help to shine the light on the darkness, and they too will play their collective part and this will be their final purpose for being here.

From the ethereal perspective of the higher self, and the soul, this is necessary and ok. It is the temporal perspective of the physical human form that may find horror and devastation at the end of human life.

What you do from this point will help mould the future of you, humanity and planet Earth.

The light is in the darkness, the dark is in the light.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt