It Started On 9/11

On September 11, 2001, I watched as the twin towers fell and said, “buildings don’t fall like that.” I was an architect, so I had some idea. People turned and stared. From that moment, I knew there was something to the feeling I had most of my life that something was not quite right in the world. I followed it and have been researching it ever since.

Fast forward 20 years, and C0v1d arrived. Day 1, when everyone around me muzzled up and locked themselves inside because the government told them to, I said, “this is bullshit.” At that point, I decided I finally had to speak out publicly.

Because the things I knew were coming but hoped I would never see in my lifetime was finally here.

I told people I worked with this would not be two weeks to flatten the curve but would go on for years. They laughed at me. Many of them are unemployed or still working from home, two years later.

I pointed out that in April or May 2020, Dan Andrews (Premier of Victoria, Australia) said, “this will not end until every last man, woman and child in Victoria is vaccinated.” He told us that is the end game, and again, people laughed. We are coming up to our third and fourth mandatory booster…

I have tried to suggest there is something not right in the world when we are locked in our homes, prevented from working, lose our businesses and livelihoods, and unarmed civilians shot at by our police for protesting against the government in a supposed democratic country.

Everything I say comes from the intention of posing questions, invoking thought and asking people to consider the reality of the world a different way. That maybe things are not as we have been told.

Most people cannot or will not listen because it is not affecting them directly… yet. Is it that they do not care? Or do they care more about their brunch, reality TV, appearance, status and stuff? Or does it just plain terrify them? I try to remove emotion, judgement and making someone right or wrong, but I am human after all. I am definitely flawed. Ultimately, my intention is to avert suffering and pain.

Call Me Crazy

I have been called all kinds of names to my face and online by strangers and people who I once called friends – psycho, selfish, bitch, crazy, uncaring, unloving, combative, stupid, fascist, extremist… I have been blocked, unfriended, deleted, censored, ridiculed, ignored, abused and laughed at. I know I am not the only one – I see it every day on social media.

I have been told I rant, carry on and have no idea what I am talking about. I am told I am unqualified to speak because I do not have specific degrees or qualifications. I am told my research is flicking through Facebook. It’s not.

I look at the hundreds, yes, hundreds, of books I have read sitting on my bookshelves. I look at the dozens of notebooks I have filled. I know the thousands of hours I have spent online reading, watching and listening to experts in many, many different areas trying to understand what is going on in the world. Just because I do not have an approved degree from the government in certain areas does not mean I am not smart enough to understand multiple complex subjects and piece things together in search of truth.

Knowledge, learning, information and truth are what I value most. My life reflects this.

I Ask You…

Why would anyone subject themselves to the abuse and ridicule of the public by speaking out about the things I do… unless they know something you don’t and care about the future of humanity?

Why would people walk away and choose to be ostracised from careers, businesses, friends, family, society, jobs and livelihoods to stand up for the principle of freedom and choice… if they did not truly believe in freedom for all?

Why would the millions, yes millions, of people who currently march around the world for freedom waste their time… unless they thought something was very, very, very wrong?

Why would anyone talk about the things I talk about… unless they were trying to help others see and save them the pain and suffering of what is coming?

To Those Who See And Don’t

To those who see what I see and know what I know, speak out and subject themselves to the ridicule I speak of here… Are we wasting our time? Do we just let humanity succumb to the fate it is choosing for itself and look after ourselves? Are we interfering with free will by trying to help them see? Do we let them keep going until it is possibly too late to change? Is that the loving and caring thing to do?

When you see a car driving towards a cliff, do you sit back and let people figure out the consequences themselves? No. You scream at the top of your lungs. Is this any different?

To those who reach to block, unfriend, delete, censor, ridicule, ignore, abuse or laugh at me… Know that what I write, in whatever way I write it, the intention is always to try to show people something they cannot see or do not know. The intention is to help wake people up to the truth of what is happening in the world and try to avert unnecessary suffering and pain – because I care, not because I don’t.

The world is not what we have been told it is.

Until this point, there has been an inner voice that tells me to keep going. To write a post that no one reads. To march a march for freedom when no one else stands. Because someone will hopefully pause to read at some point, and my words may plant a seed. Eventually, one person will stop, question, start to wake up and join you on that march. In time, it grows from one to twenty to a million people. I know first hand. I literally stood with 10 other people and 300 police on the steps of Victorian Parliament House. Two years later tens and hundreds of thousands, even millions of people march across our capital cities.

Someone has to plant the seed. Someone has to be the first, the only, the lonely one to speak out and stand up.

You may not like what I have to say. You may not like the way I have to say it. You may block, unfriend, delete, censor, ridicule, ignore, abuse or laugh at me. That’s ok. I know it sounds crazy. I know the world is insane. I know you’re scared. I was too. Some days I still am. I know you don’t want to see the insanity of what is right in front of us. Who would?

I understand my perspective is one human view. I understand there is a bigger, more divine purpose for it all, and that everything happens for a reason. I see the beauty in death, destruction, murder and war. I understand every human being has a unique perspective and journey and the free will to experience it on their own. I also understand that when we hurt one we hurt all. The suffering of humanity is also my suffering, because I am a part of humanity. But my approach now seems to be changing.

I understand it is not my job to help humanity see the bigger picture, as much as I want to save them pain. There is more than enough information available to choose to see it or not. They have to experience the pain to wake up on their own. And humanity will wake up. It’s a done deal – the question is how will we get there. My job is now to be there on the other side of awakening and help them understand when they choose.

The point where you choose to see the truth no matter how painful or unbelievable. The point where you face the fear and the reality of the world’s darkness as well as the light. That is the point where you feel your power and know the strength within. That is the point where you know everything will be ok when we collectively reclaim our sovereignty and inner strength. That is the point where you know the other side of this is worth it all and even better than you can imagine.

I will continue to say what I need to say. I will encourage others to do the same. Because I am selfish – I want to live in a better world. And I want all of humanity to live there too.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt