Seven Systems Of Control

If you ever felt like your life is not your own, you’re not entirely wrong.

There are seven human-made systems that control the world.

They do this by controlling the way humans meet your fundamental needs.

These systems attempt to control your body, mind, emotions, your social interactions, your culture and identity, your purpose, and your spirituality.

If you’re ready to take back control of yourself and your life… you first need to know what your needs are, how the systems attempt to control you, and how to meet your needs in a new way that works for you.

Hierarchy Of Needs

All human beings have the same intrinsic needs to varying degrees. There’s no getting away from them.

So what is a need?

A need is something necessary for survival you cannot live without and is required to maintain life and an internal state of wellbeing.

Your needs evolve in a hierarchy that reflects the typical development of a human. You start by meeting your basic survival needs and once you feel safe, you move onto improving your quality of life and higher spiritual needs.

Your seven needs sit within one of these three areas.

  • Your physical body or form has physical, emotional and mental needs.
  • Your relationships with the external world are your relational or social needs
  • Your spiritual or metaphysical body or form has soul, higher self and spiritual needs.

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01 | Physical(Biological And Physiological)  Systems

The primary instinct of all human beings is to live, maintain yourself, survive and reproduce.

Your main physical needs for personal survival are food, clean water, fresh air, sleep, exercise and movement, shelter, clothing, and physical sensation. The main need for collective survival of the human species is sex and reproduction.

Most people rely on centrally produced food and products which are grown and produced outside of individual control. Much of our foods are processed and artificial. Or in the case of fruit and vegetables, genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. Our meat is mostly fed with artificial, processed food, and injected with hormones and chemicals.

It is difficult to get real, natural food.

Humans are sicker, more overweight an unhealthier than ever, due to poor food and an increasingly unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle that take you further and further away from your natural state. The health system is based on pharmaceuticals and drugs, and surgery to cut out problems, rather than a system of health, wellness and prevention.

Buildings are made from artificial and synthetic products and create unnatural environments through air-conditioning, LED lighting and materials full of chemicals and toxins. Clothing and products are often unnatural and synthetic and rarely made to last. Western society is in a constant state of consumption to meet our physical needs.

Control systems of your physical needs are centralised and manipulated. We have lost the basic knowledge and life skills to provide food, shelter, clothing, water and healthcare for ourselves.

Lack of knowledge puts humans at the mercy of products that are presented to them as the only option.

You can regain back control of your physical needs when you begin to acquire health knowledge, source real food, natural clothing and basic shelter, support local small business, ethically and in a way that is good for you, other people and animals, and the planet.

02 | Emotional (Safety And Quality Of Life) Systems

Once your physical needs are met and the body is kept alive, you develop an emotional need for security and safety. Safety is dependent on obtaining internal and external resources to be free from harm, risk, or external intervention.

Internal resources are your emotional, mental and behavioural responses to the external world.

External resources are the physical things in your environment which determine your quality of life.

The primary control system that determines your ability to meet your emotional need and feel safe and secure is money – the financial and economic systems.

The world exists on centralised money systems that are highly complex and confusing to most people. Concepts such as centralised banks, FIAT money system, interest rates, inflation, compound interest and an exponential growth economy in themselves create a certain level of stress.

I’m not going to go into these things here, but…

We live in a system that requires you to have money to buy things to meet your needs. You can’t just go and build a house, you need to get government approval and buy the land and materials to build it. As previously discussed most of us have lost the life skills to create food, shelter and clothing ourselves, even if you did have the land.

A sense of unsafety and insecurity are created internally when your external quality of life feels harmful and risky. Or, when you don’t have enough money to feel safe and secure.

That point is different for everyone. For a twenty-something backpacker, travelling the world and living week to week from odd jobs may feel liberating and free. For a single mother with three kids to feed and the rent due tomorrow, this is not the case – she needs more money coming in, consistently.

When a lack of money means you cannot meet basic physical survival needs of food, water, shelter and clothing – fear, stress and anxiety create low-level emotional states. You do not feel safe and secure and your emotional needs are not met.

The economic and financial systems currently in place are controlling how safe and secure people feel. Money is a struggle for a large percentage of humanity – the system means you have to pay to live.

In terms of getting out of the current financial and economic control systems, that’s a much bigger topic for another time.

Within the current system…

You can regain control of your emotional needs when you have enough money in the bank to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. Or, reduce the quality of life and expenses you need to feel safe.

03 | Mental (Cognitive Or Psychological) Systems

Once you feel safe in the world, you can explore further your mental and cognitive needs. The core of meeting your mental needs includes critical thinking, knowledge, understanding, sense-making, meaning, curiosity, and predictability. You gain information and knowledge to understand, give meaning and make sense of the world.

The two biggest systems that control your mental wellbeing are the education system and the media.

Proper education empowers the individual with skills, capabilities and wisdom to navigate the world. Modern education transfers information through giving instruction. Education systems are designed to reinforce social constructs, the organization of society and keep you in line. You hand your child at age five over to the government to educate them. Twelve or thirteen years later they come out with little information or skills to help them thrive in the world. But they are obedient and stay in line.

The media system is the communication channel that disseminates news, music, movies, education, promotions and other data.

Mainstream media is the large mass media that influence people with current myths and ideologies and one perspective of how the world is. It is rarely objective and usually funded in part or whole by government or advertisers with an agenda. When you look deeper, you will find that most media channels are owned and controlled by the same small group of people and companies.

Alternative media is created by alternative members of the general public. Even with alternative media and social media allowing more independent people to communicate, it can be difficult to find objective perspectives.

Giving your mind or your child’s mind over to these systems without question gives them control of your mental needs.

You can regain control of your mental needs by withdrawing from mainstream information sources, seeking alternative perspectives, getting curious and committing to objectively understanding the world.

04 | Relational (Social) Systems

The purpose of relationships is to help you know and understand yourself by relating to the external world, other people and things.

Relational needs include connection to things and people including family, friends, peers, culture and social groups. They help you understand your place in the world. Relational wellbeing occurs when your relationships help you feel safe and secure.

Systems that control your relational needs are the political, government, legal and justice systems.

  • The government system is the institution of people running a country or state.
  • The political system are the activities or processes of running a country or state.
  • The legal system regulates and controls what is considered what the government deems morally right or wrong through laws, rules, mandates, regulations and legislation.
  • The justice system makes a judgement about laws and assesses human behaviour against them.

These systems work together to create degrees of control on a society economically and socially.

In theory, government was created by the people to serve the people and keep members of society safe and secure. The current reality is very different. Most governments have been corrupted from serving the people to serving an authority or themselves.

Government and authority are morally illegitimate at the point they take anything away from another human being.

You have likely seen the creep of surveillance, security, regulation and control over the last few decades and certainly the last few years. In the name of your safety you are being told how you can and cannot interact with others – what you can say, think and how you can act. You give away your power when you obediently comply, without considering the moral position or your individual principles and ideals.

You can regain control of your relational needs by becoming aware of your interactions with other people and considering – is this good for me, good for other people and good for the planet?

Know who you are, what you stand for and the true essence of right and wrong, not just what a law or regulation or an authority says is right or wrong. “Do no harm” is a good mantra to live by.

05 | Soul  (Esteem) Systems

Once you understand and know yourself through relationships, you can address your need for esteem. Esteem is the degree to which something or someone is perceived as worthy, favourable, valued or respected.

There are two ways humans gain esteem:

  • Esteem from others including reputation, status, admiration, power, control, prestige, authority or acknowledgement.
  • Esteem from oneself including dignity, self-acceptance, independence, freedom, sovereignty, choice and self-responsibility.

The systems that control your esteem are a little intangible and are based in perceptions of who and what you are. Rather than helping your human self reconnect to your spiritual aspect and your soul, these systems do the opposite. Constructs such as categorisations, culture, roles, identity and persona are used to keep you as a separate, divided, and material object in the world.

While the human mind uses categories and labels to help you understand the world and identify different people and things, these keep you disconnected from the truth of who you are when they are deemed good and bad or right and wrong.

  • Physical characteristics such as gender, race or demographics are not just used to identify differences but differences as a good or bad thing.
  • Cultures and roles within those cultures including workplaces, families, schools and any authority create hierarchy and separation.
  • Identity and personas go beyond just the characteristics and qualities expressed in your personality to have a deep meaning that defines you as a very specific thing, rather than a spiritual being having a physical human experience.

A shift into political correctness and concepts such as equity, diversity and inclusion attempt to keep you locked and defined by your physical human form and disconnected from the metaphysical essence of your soul.

You can regain control of your soul needs by remembering and reconnecting to who and what you are – a spiritual being having a physical human experience. Not just a human body.

06 | Higher Self (Self-Actualisation) Systems

Once you meet your need for esteem about who you are, you can address your need for self-actualisation.

Self-actualisation is the process of connecting to your higher purpose for being here on Earth.

The control systems that prevent you finding your purpose are the business and work systems.

Business systems evolved from a society that separated and individualised skills and services and a way for people to manufacture, produce and trade goods and services. They helped centralise resources and remove individual life skills, supporting what we talked about with money and emotional needs.

Once business helped humans meet physical and survival needs easier, it kept going. Combined with an economic system based on constant growth, businesses exist to make more and more money. Today, many have no focus on adding real value or serving humanity.

In support of the business and economic systems combined is the work system. People are forced to get a job in a business so you can earn money to pay the bills to meet your basic physical and emotional needs and create some quality of life.

To get a well-paying job, you need skills that someone sees value in. If your work is highly skilled or supports the values of the control systems, you are usually financially well-rewarded. If your work is poorly skilled or does not support the values of these control systems, you may not be so well paid.

Most people are working in jobs that provide little personal fulfillment or real value to the wellbeing of the individual. They exist to support the systems of consumption and control and make money for people to pay the bills and survive.

You can regain control of your higher self needs by creating time to explore your purpose and redesigning work, life and hobbies that are aligned to you. Over time, you can replace your current work with more aligned, fulfilling and purpose-driven activities.

07 | Spiritual (Transcendence) Systems

When you act aligned with your full potential, you become motivated by values beyond the personal.

Spiritual needs include awareness of your power as a spiritual being and being part of something bigger than yourself and at one with nature and humanity.

Systems that control spiritual needs and connection to Source revolve around handing over your love, trust, personal power and freedom to an external authority. It creates a middle man and removes a direct connection between you and Source Consciousness. These systems include organised religion, new-age spirituality, idolatry and iconography.

Organised religion gives itself an authority over the spiritual realms. It asks people to believe in a set of ideas and beliefs about the world and the universe and worship a God or gods.

New age spirituality presents itself as more significant and open than religion, but is still asking you to follow a prescribed set of rules and beliefs, rather than your own.

Idolatry and iconography are the worship of something you place higher than yourself, with some level of authority over you. Idolatry and iconography are the worship of people, concepts, objects and things. They include concepts such as patriotism, and nationalism and can extend to the worship of rock stars, celebrities, football clubs, monarchy, movie merchandise, brands and logos.

These things are all distractions, and keeping you focussed on the material and physical realm and separate and disconnected from the higher power of Source Consciousness.

You can regain control of your spiritual needs by removing external authority over yourself. And, by removing any authority or hierarchy that places you over others. Meeting spiritual needs reconnects your spiritual self back to a bigger whole.

Losing Control…

The collective reality humanity currently exists in definitely has systems designed to command and control the human race. They are intended to keep you in a state of survival and low emotional states, focussed on making enough money to get through the day.

When you exist in these low states there is not enough time, energy or space to shift into the higher realms of mental expansion, relationship, purpose, self-actualisation and transcendence. You’re just worried about paying the bills.

The first step is understanding your fundamental human needs.

The second step is seeing these systems for what they are – understanding their rules and how they function.

The third step is connecting to your true self and beginning to meet your needs in a way that works for you.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt